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Added: 27.01.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: Archoni
Country: Finland

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elikkäs, itse tehty tuulettimen säädin. helppo tehdä, 2potentiometriä, muutama molexi, johtoja ja ledi. ja sehän toimii! (eivät mitään parhaita kuvia mutta ajavat asiansa)

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Rheostats for fan control.

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Rating: 3.34 - Votes: 32

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t^77722.06.2005 18:15
Could i have some schematics?

BoogeyMan14.03.2005 04:44
cool, minimalist but it works though. it looks like you have too many volts going to that LED, a green one should'nt be glowing orange like that. it might just be the pic qualty though but usually when they're that bright they are getting ready to die.

Zen06.05.2004 00:06
I made a mod kind of like this one.
But i putt in 5 LED (1xRed, 2xYellow 2xGreen)
Try to replays the Green LED whit a Blue or Red!!!!

b0nna19.02.2004 21:17
easy and cool led. no overkill at all..

Archoni29.01.2004 20:17
hetkinen, se on premodi, ennenkun siihen on tehty tarpeeks oikeita modeja sitä ei tulla täällä näkemään!

juso29.01.2004 20:16
missä se koko kone luuraa?

ii29.01.2004 09:12
i like it.. and i like the LED too.

Archoni28.01.2004 19:05
Nado, can you say why didn't you like the led? i thought it looked just stupid and plane whitout it..

Archoni28.01.2004 18:00
joo, jotkut nupit siihen tulee, ja se ledi on ihan vaan koriste :)

moe28.01.2004 17:12
Jotkin nupit noitten potikoitten päihin?

Vorlo28.01.2004 16:06
Onko tolla ledillä joku tarkotus tossa vai onko se vaan koristeena?

Nado28.01.2004 14:06
looks kinda weird... i don't like the LED in the middle. good job though!