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Added: 28.01.2004
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Rutger1413
Country: USA

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This is my glow pad. 3 leds in the pad and 1 in the wire housing. I will put a switch in thje housing in the future. The dark pic was taken w/ my blanket blocking the window so thats why it might looks wierd.

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Rating: 3.27 - Votes: 44

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b00b29.01.2004 22:43
i give it 0 because it doesn't have force feedback

Junkyard dog29.01.2004 22:17
Clean but unoriginal. still a 4

ii29.01.2004 09:11
Looks cool.

Quentis28.01.2004 21:01
Why does everyones glowpad not suck like mine? :(

AzsaZ28.01.2004 19:03
The Switch Looks Cool! a 4 for all!

J_B28.01.2004 18:35
Nice modd i like it
is about time i made my glow pad it is rather cool but never found the time for it:)
gj tho:)
Haxx0r u sleep on yer heatsink as well sweetman i though i was the only one;)

Rutger141328.01.2004 16:19
Sorry I forgot to mention that its USB powered. And yes, i kinda was hiding under my blankey :) Oh and btw "You go girl" ...... My Name is Tim

Nado28.01.2004 14:07
lol, did you hide under the blanket or what? good mod!

b00b28.01.2004 13:47
you go, girl!

Haxx0r28.01.2004 13:44
HOYL SHIT YOU CAN AFFORD A BLANKET. I just sleep on my heatsink to keep warm.

An@rchy28.01.2004 13:42
Your head looks like cake :P