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Added: 28.01.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: J_B
Country: Canada

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Not much of a story i bought a nice TV-Tuner card it has a remote controll but the receiver was on a bloody cord and it looked like shit so i decided incorporate in teh case so there it is drilled a hole cut a plexi filed it to size (long ass proces ) put it in clolored it with a black permanent marker and now it looks cool :)

tell me what u think :)

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ii29.01.2004 09:10
neet. i made the same mod to my TV-card's IR

J_B29.01.2004 07:27
Taht is not supposed to eb a fan whole
check out the whole case under cases and read the mods to come:)

AEdwards29.01.2004 03:55
Whats the point of having two fans but only one fan hole that doesn't cover both?

J_B29.01.2004 01:04
actually i thought it would cut down on reception but it didnt so i was plesantly surprized i didnt have holesaws available and since i am on a rather tight budget i had to do what i could with what i had
btw u got msn dood i e-mail me if u do

Qballcious29.01.2004 00:19
Doesn't the parmanent marker ink cut down on the range of the remote??? Also holesaws make it easy to cut out round pieces of plexi, less filing. Not a bad idea though. I have an externam IR reciever too. but I'm not sure the tuner card is gonna stay in this case or I'd have moded it behind my intake grille a long time ago. Again, good job.