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Added: 28.01.2004
Owner: DJ_Monster
Country: Russian Federation

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my keybord lighting by UV-lamp

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Rating: 1.83 - Votes: 135

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Tonaho06.03.2008 03:34
Could've been much better, but as I always say with a mod like this, It's not bad, it's just not finished. This one needs a lot of work to BE finished, but I can be done.

.:chalin:.19.02.2008 19:57
You will have nice painted fingers from this sorry but 1/5

*anonymous*20.07.2005 18:19

Biohazard23.05.2005 02:15
Umm.... this is a joke right?

BoogeyMan11.03.2005 06:21
um.. it looks like you took a highlighter to it... did you? sorry, but 1/5.

Zerco16.01.2005 01:38
HAH! My 76 ears old grandmother is better painter than u...1/5

Eckhoff11.09.2004 01:37
Damn it's ugly boy.... And that paint is going to be all over your hands tonight....


Pretorian18.07.2004 00:51
Yuck!!! It's UGLY!!!!

Scope05.07.2004 14:00
HARDCORE MAN, minimalistic is always the way. rock on

AskO_NaGe(DnG)10.06.2004 23:47
Why? Russian brother! Why your mod is so ugly?

Avatar23522.04.2004 12:42

Modd Master13.04.2004 19:37
Cool man! give it a 5 pts :)

doh12.04.2004 21:51

EyeMaster11.04.2004 00:02
This must be a joke.... lol

ICOR07.04.2004 19:05
Did you know that there is 400 times more bacteria on a keyboard then a public toilet.....ewwwwww Iam sure marker dosn't help my friend.

Princess07.04.2004 19:01
Well i give a point for being creative, however it is not practical,and in time it will make a larger mess as it fades into your fingertips.Be sure to keep your fingers away from your mouth after typing as High lighter can be toxic...i suggest you wipe before you type!

Mooses7331.03.2004 22:35
Why do you paint some buttons and makes mess? Keyboard using is little dirty work too? Are Those inks permanent? I guess no. Maybe someone need to get dirty keyboard with shining in ultra violet light, I do not.

Liquid Metal22.03.2004 21:58
well it's just disgusting :(

spanx10.03.2004 00:09

i shit on u!!!03.03.2004 14:52
i piss on u!!!!

*anonymous*29.02.2004 19:04
that suxs!!!!!!!!!! Every fucking idiot can draw like that!

pungråtta18.02.2004 23:17
asshole u just piss ppl off wioth that ugly shitmodd
swe: jÀvla bög skit ner dej bajshuve

Junkyard dog06.02.2004 10:53
You should have pissed all over it i would have glowed just as much

Thunderstokke03.02.2004 04:26
Did you leave your kid at the keyboard with some colors?

*anonymous*02.02.2004 23:34
Тупая клава, выглядит просто ужасно!

Craig David31.01.2004 23:43
sorry but that really does look stupid. it looks like a five year old has just drawn on it. :-(

*anonymous*30.01.2004 02:06
i can imagine that in dark, under UV-light and it looks pretty neet. :)

*anonymous*29.01.2004 23:11
kinda ugly, maybe just a bad pic. Looks like hi-liter. Are there just dots on some of the keys? i cant tell

FISU29.01.2004 19:31
Hey give the guy a break, not everyone has the money/willing to do a pro mod. God, you ppl make me sick. Modding on a budget is just something to respect! Good idea anyways this one. Maybe version two or something may underway.

*anonymous*29.01.2004 17:26
gipsy keyboard

Boheema29.01.2004 16:44
Aight, that is ugly, all u get is colored fingers like jaguarking11 said :) its good u didn't ruin your keyboard, that thing is easy to wash off :) with water.

Mister Ray29.01.2004 06:47
Okay... If you want to go with a UV keyboard, go to the hardware store and get yourself a can of spray paint. They're usually only a few dollars. "safety yellow" and "safety orange" by Krylon are personal favorites. Spray a coat or two of high-gloss clear coat on afterwards to provide good looks as well as sealing in the color. Just pop the thing apart and at least paint the keyboard case... As I write this I see that you're in Russia... so maybe things like that are hard to find??? But if you can afford a computer...?

jaguarking1129.01.2004 04:42
nasty keyboard dont post this noob junk overhere it takes 3 minutes to do and all u get is colored fingers. Stop this crap and the keychain mods suck ass. PPL I cannot stress this enuf I am sick of this garbage its just wasted server space.

VermilioN29.01.2004 00:33
It looks horrible. You should paint boarders of those buttons instead front. I see that some buttons are more used than others, that's why you shouldn't paint fronts. Sorry but I have to give you 1 :( But keep practicing.