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Added: 31.01.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: scn
Country: Denmark

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Old KFC 15" monitor with an etch. The color can be changed using a switch

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 328

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vita25.07.2006 10:30

Mitsukai01.05.2006 02:01
Damn Cool!!5/5

Jipa26.03.2006 02:04
This looks damn cool! And oh please don't talk about the dangers if you don't really know a damn. Yes, there is voltage in few spots even when unplugged, and yes it may kill or hurt like hell, but it cal also be prevented by discharging dangerous parts before puttings your hands in. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND...

Jonttu-Monttu27.08.2005 20:53
loocs VERY cool

BoogeyMan12.03.2005 02:48
it's not the voltage that kills you, it's the amperage. you know when you touch a doorknob and get a shock from static? that's 10,000 volts.
anyways, killer mod. ive never seen a window in a monitor before, and you did it nicely. i also love the scorpion.

*anonymous*16.01.2005 07:44
voltage doesn do anything to you. you have 220 running from your brain right now.

tyktyk03.12.2004 03:21
fergs: Do you happen to know that monitors do have very high voltages inside even if they're unplugged. Therefore if you touch a wrong component inside the monitor, it's either you or the monitor which will die.

scn28.09.2004 23:55
Nope... I am Danish. I didn't touch the internal. I only removed the backcover and worked on that. I get 5 and 12V from the computer.

fergz19.09.2004 20:53
all i can say you got to be american lol as yogoat said the voltage in a monitor is enough to kill someone, even when it's off

Jens_Einari04.07.2004 17:14
Cool mod :)

B3r53rk3r17.04.2004 11:19
Great Mod!

yogoat13.04.2004 21:42
wouldn't that be dangerous? i heard the voltage in a monitor is enough to kill someone, even when it's off.

benny17.03.2004 03:21
wow dude, thats so cool..very nice job..

dummy15.03.2004 18:15
very nice !

scn08.03.2004 12:43
# stigmate
The leds have no effect on screen.

stigmate07.03.2004 07:10
uh ok very very great but is the color affect de screen ??? cuz if it pass trhough de front its gay but very nice !

rotaxor04.03.2004 21:48
??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? 5p

gon05.02.2004 21:27
Nike Just DO it

xaserII03.02.2004 17:17
neat. cool idea

tEeS03.02.2004 03:48
sorry hee is the

tEeS03.02.2004 03:48
email me info on how to wire/solder the color change

VermilioN02.02.2004 21:07
Best thing in this mod is color of the light can be changed. Olso whole mod is good :) 5 from me.

Itikka02.02.2004 16:22
Nice & clean

kakkapätkä02.02.2004 15:19
Nice case gay

Balder01.02.2004 18:40
Nice.. Clean cut.. I like that..

free_rider01.02.2004 17:25
NICE!Im planning to do the same thing with my 14" monitor. :D

scn01.02.2004 11:04
Answer to Haxx0r
Yes it is the Nike scorpion. I found it at search for "scorpion"

Haxx0r01.02.2004 03:01
Is that teh nike scorpion? Teh idea and mod is teh 13337z0r.

scn01.02.2004 01:24
Answer to Junkyard dog:
It is not possible, the plastic is thinner than the head of the screw. I kind of like the the look with the screws, thought about ysin 10-12 to give i at rough look, but I only had 6.

ii31.01.2004 22:17
Very cool. one of the best monitor-windows i have ever seen. (and i also like the computer under the monitor)

Junkyard dog31.01.2004 21:35
Nice next time you should recess the screws for a cleaner finish!!! Still a 5 great job!!

J_B31.01.2004 21:12
Nice One:)

Nado31.01.2004 19:48
excellent, looks very clean

ToNic31.01.2004 19:04
Very Nice

xfzd31.01.2004 18:31
looks clear ;)

;>31.01.2004 18:26
this looks nice