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Added: 11.02.2004
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Czarny
Country: Poland

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This is my old A4Tech Optical Mouse I made it for my girl dor valentines day :)

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Rating: 3.37 - Votes: 167

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VIggi04.01.2005 12:28
!!!thats ****** cool 10/5 :D:D

sugarbyte27.08.2004 08:51
OMG! hahahah! Ive never seen anything like it! Its so original and cute! Great job! 5/5

KaislaMato21.08.2004 10:55
Tosi siisti ehdottomasti 5pts

b0wser25.06.2004 23:21
LOL :D 5/5

pom22.06.2004 20:11
haahhahhahhaahahaa... looks fantastic and makes me laugh, how ever. 5/5

*anonymous*17.03.2004 21:22
bwuahahuahahahha... really nice!!! a real mouse!
5 for it!!!

mikael14.03.2004 04:26
Ahahah, its a mouse that went through a dryer

MaxaMaccara25.02.2004 14:22
thats cool 4pts

XtremeFX 129518.02.2004 22:52
This mod reminds me of only one thing... Have you seen "Lilo And Stitch"? Well, Stitch might be related to this... creature :D Well done, it looks amazing (wish I had one like that)... Keep up the good work!

ii14.02.2004 20:17
hehe. Can i pet it? :D

Junkyard dog12.02.2004 05:39
lol this is so funny, I bet you scored big with it good job!

Qballcious12.02.2004 01:27
"ph4t should replace l33t" - Then I'd have to change my site name to the and that sounds too much like a fat fetish porn site :-)

Czarny - Hope you got lots of traps set up in case this thing goes wireless.

*anonymous*12.02.2004 00:37

Quentis12.02.2004 00:25
looks nice, 5 cuz i think its phat. ph4t should replace l33t. cuz ph4t is just ph4t.

Qballcious11.02.2004 23:45
No more cold fingers during those long nights of fragging... Although I wouldn't bring this thing to a LAN party for fear of the name calling that would surely insue. The ladies can be so mean :-)

nice11.02.2004 23:19
it will be nice gift!

Falkra11.02.2004 23:03
Huh, does it bite ? :))

Happpless_Gimp11.02.2004 22:58
LOL, if i spotted that beside my puter unexpectadly, id freak out. :) go the evil furry creature

ToNic11.02.2004 22:53
....yep.... 4 for... trying... or something...

An@rchy11.02.2004 22:52
It's Alive! ITS ALLLIIIIVE!!!!

acornstu11.02.2004 22:30
thats great man i don't know what to think honestly 4 for creativity if nothing else.

Nado11.02.2004 22:00
oh man, shoot me, that's terrible... lol, that's just not right man! though, 3 points for the effort