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Added: 12.02.2004
Single case mods
Owner: DarkDevil
Country: Canada

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I was having problems with my temperatures, they were going up to 70c when starting halflife, and my idle temps were 50-60, so i added two fans for a total of 2 intakes and one exhaust. This lowered my temp's by 5c. So i though, alright.. i gotta do something with this stockheatsink, i didn't want to buy a a 60 dollar heatsink that might be louder than my existing one, and have my temps drop by a few degrees if i'm lucky, so i thought, fan duct. This is 3inch vinyl ducting. I tucked the end of the copper wire on one end into the coil above it and bent the 2 coils into a square to fit aroud my heatsink fan. I took the copper coil out of the otherend for 2 inches, and sretched that to fit over a fan in the back of my case.

I know.. this is a very basic mod, many people do this, it's no biggie, but its my first :)

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Rating: 2.78 - Votes: 27

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ZyXx16.03.2004 22:01
your intake to processor takes hotair from the psu exhaust you know?

Junkyard dog16.02.2004 02:52
That makes a lot of sense bring all the hot air in and exhaust the cool air. Wow genius!!

Qballcious15.02.2004 18:28
That's a terrible airflow design. Exhaust on the side? WTF?

whackkk15.02.2004 06:45
not another premod case noooooooo!!

whackkk15.02.2004 06:44

*anonymous*14.02.2004 18:37
Actually, the two fans on the back are Intakes, i have an Exhaust on the side. Eventually i'll be putting an exhaust on the top.

ragnorus13.02.2004 09:09
I think the problem with your computer is improper installation of the fan. Make sure you apply the thermal paste correctly.

Qballcious13.02.2004 05:38
My bad - looks like both fans at the back are the two intake fans you were talking about. So is the only exhaust fan in the PSU? If so that is a very inefficient airflow design. On ATX cases the cold ambient air should enter through the front at the bottom and flow over the hot components to exhaust at the back preferably at the top.

Qballcious13.02.2004 05:30
I just noticed something.
You have two fans on the back- bottom is exhaust, top is intake I assume? Since hot air rises, you made it so the intake fan on the back sucks up the hot rising air from the exhaust fan below it and blows it back into the case and onto the CPU.

Might want to reverse the flow of the two fans and put the duct on the bottom fan. That way it always sucks lower cooler air - just a thought. Might make the temp drop more since you're not recycling hot air.

Quentis13.02.2004 03:55
But qball, i luvvv the flowerrr!!

N513.02.2004 03:43
looks a little odd through the window, but hey, it's functional and is fairly cleen.

Qballcious13.02.2004 01:49
Thanks for the plug JD.
My temps dropped dramatically and it was on an AMD Palamino Athlon XP 1800+. They run a lot hotter than any other Athlon XP proc or P4. So the duct should make an even bigger difference on other Procs. The only difference between my duct design and this one is Aesthetic.

The stuff you used comes out the back of my Laundry Dryer. And that just looks odd.

Clean install though and good job for that. Next mod- clean up those wires and cut out that flower. Possibly stealth the drive or at least color-match it. 2/5 for now.

DarkDevil12.02.2004 20:54
actually, Junkyard Dog, it made no difference in sound, and my temp's look like they're doing better than the temp's of the guy who used metal sheeting. As for stealthing. I don't care much for stealthing. Though you never know, i may do it one of these days. I don't like the "sleathing" drive covers that came with my tower, i need some blanks.

AzsaZ12.02.2004 09:21
Nice case, a 4 from AzsaZ

Junkyard dog12.02.2004 08:24
Pretty good idea but you would have been better off with some sheet metal ductwork checkout this one The vinyl ductwork you used tends to restrict the airflow quite a bit and it may also be very noisy. This case is a good starter but you should definitely personalize it.
p.s. and stealth that drive man ;)