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Added: 16.02.2004
Owner: Cyco
Country: USA

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I got realy madbecause i needed a Graphing Calculator for math class and i didnt have enough money to buy one so of course as any 13 yr old kid would i ask my mom lol. She said i already had a calculator but mine was a regulor one he said she wouldnt buy it until mine died so i got an idea.

About 2 weeks before that day my uncle (who owns his own compter company) asked me if i need anything new to go with my new desk and stuff since im realy into multimedia i had to buy a new desk anyway i said i wanted a wireless microsoft mouse/keboard set i told him id pay so he ordered it and then i had a free keyboard to playwith.

Any way back to the calculator since she wouldnt buy me one with this one working i took it to school to "work on it" so i did in my first studyhall i disasembled it and took the chip and screen out in one peice so i wouldnt need to rewire everything but i stil had to to amke it fit and work right. I cut a hole smaller then the screen so it would have a poped out effect and ran the wires and stuff throught there ad now im wiring it up for a clock. This is my old keyboard so i probly wont use it until i mod a cheap case i bought.
In the last picture you can see the old laptop which i got for free im taking the sreen out and using it for a lcd tv on the side of my new case probly

By the way this is my first mod

Admin's comments/notes:
It would be interesting to hear when you get it working. If you took that display from a cheap calc I don't think that you will get it working because those screens doesn't follow any standards and you can't get the specs for them. Good luck and keep us updated. :)

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ironsmiter21.02.2006 16:20
Was a nice attempt for a kid, er, beginner modder.
Wonder if that cheap case ever made it to being modded?
If anyone wants to try this and make it trick,...
transplant the entire logic board into the keyboard, and hack the numpad matrix off the keyboard, and into the input circuitry on the calc. Never have to rely on Micro$ofts Calc.exe again! Could even pull the power for it straight from the keyboard supply. p/s2 and usb should both work.

By now, if they have the skill, I'd like to see that outdated graphing calc(is 2 years old antique yet?) hacked into a usb keyboard, with the serial/usb link from the calc running over the keyboard cable? would be a sweet mod, if not entirely practicle.

Mod till it hurts

AgentDDR99909.03.2005 23:52
You guys are all idiots all you have to do is put an lcd screen on a keyboard and the magical faries will make it work! DUH!

No really, good luck!

Chingey16.01.2005 08:51
yo cyco, get some higher res. pics

James16.01.2005 08:49
wth is this kid doing? any 8th grader can ask their mom for a TI calc and the parents, (provided they arent stoned) should realize that their kid is going to need a graphing, mind you not basic, GRAPHING calculator all throught the rest of his miserable effing life, and one lcd in the keyboard aint gonna cut it, yeah kid, bring it to school, let everyone see how wierd u are,,, and if thats too wierd, stick a laptop in thy backpack and plug it into the keyboard just for show. "any 13 yr old kid would i ask my mom lol." that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard... a kid laughing at asking his mom for a calculator... great mod kid, im impressed. Maybe you can use some elmers glue and stick it on your backpack

Evil30.10.2004 22:39
Nice idea, better if it worked :P

@fearpi - Story made perfectly good sense, learn to read

fearpi02.05.2004 18:24
What the hell does your story say? I can't even read the butchered English. Learn to use periods.

Junkyard dog08.04.2004 18:17
Show us some pictures of the laptop lcd and some schematics.

fåfåfåggggtttww28.03.2004 09:44
Thats STICKER!! i have same like in my keyboard 'cous i dont wanna see ugly LOGO of my koyboard!

Qballcious19.02.2004 00:24
Ok Cyco, I'm confused, what exactly did you complete or not complete? If you gave up on it how do you know it works? And which LCD are you talking about? The Calc LCD or the laptop LCD? And that link you posted is kinda lame. At least make yours motorized. His design requires you to remove the case faceplate to open the LCD tray. Not hard on these Lian-Li cases but still very unprofessional.

Cyco18.02.2004 06:42
How bout i say yea i gave up on the kayboard its to complicated butmy lcd is working so to all you who said i couldnt proved you wrong. i broke my dremel so i have to buy a newone to cut and my lcd is looking great im gonna buy a 5 incher for like 80 bucs and put it on my multimedia computer (this one) and put it into a drive like this guy did

Quentis17.02.2004 21:17
Quentis says "GO CYCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

jaguarking1117.02.2004 09:34
well just install a old os (win 95 or something and water it down to a max and just remote control the laptop as a lcd) ive seen this doen b4 and it works gr8 only problem is that you have to do some programing in vb or c++ to get the whole thing down packed. u get a 2 because the mod is not finished ull get a 5 when it actualy works

Qballcious17.02.2004 01:26
When I become the voice of reason, you know you've got a problem.

Junkyard dog17.02.2004 00:46
Thank you Qball finally someone with some common sense steps in.

Qballcious17.02.2004 00:17
BTW - probably could have bought a graphing calc for the same price as a Micro$oft wireless kb+m combo. Just a thought.

Qballcious17.02.2004 00:13
I'm with JD on this one. I've researched the Laptop LCD feasablility neumerous times (can buy them for $10 a piece at a local store.) The easiest way to do it is with a PCI or ahem - ISA card that is specifically built to drive LCDs. Not talking about cards with a DVI connector but proprietary cards with a broad spectrum of standards to chose from for most LCDs and they get hardwired to the LCD. Cost $200 to $500 USD.

I'd be flat-out impressed if the kid got the calc-LCD to work as a clock let alone tackle the laptop LCD. Install Linux on the Laptop if it still works. Or gut it for slimline parts for future mods. But don't expect too much from the laptop LCD. Highly doubt anything will come of it.

Cyco16.02.2004 20:36
Mace is right its not that difficulteven though im 13 and if i run into some trouble ill ask my uncle hes very smat ad wires great

Junkyard dog16.02.2004 19:00
You need a PLL (phase lock loop) to multiply the horizontal sync to get a pixel clock (typically at 25 MHz, and 3 x 6 bit (very) high speed ADC's (analogue to digital converters), to convert the analog output from your VGA video card, into the digital signals for the LCD. There's a whole heap of issues relating to sync signals (some panels use composite sync) and positioning the image on the display wich is no easy task this is not for the faint hearted.

Junkyard dog16.02.2004 18:51
Wolf I don't doubt the kid i just wouldn't like for him to messup his laptop. Believe me when i tell you if laptop lcd's were easy to use as pc monitors i would have about three displays right now.

Wolf16.02.2004 18:39
Junkyard dog, he might be 13 and a "newb" but to start of with something like this he might actually know what he is talking about. Don't doubt him.

Junkyard dog16.02.2004 17:51
Mace would you post some schematics? Have you actually done this yourself?

mace16.02.2004 12:56
I meant the laptop LCD :-)

mace16.02.2004 12:31
the easiest way to wire up those LCD screens is thru a "Vesa feature connector" these are often found on old PCI cards, like a S3 Trio or something. Find the pinout of the old LCD on internet and the pinout of a VESA connector, and wire it up!

Junkyard dog16.02.2004 09:03
Sorry to bust your bubble but i doubt very much that you would be able to use that laptop lcd as a secondary monitor or whatever. Do your research and you'll see that it is no easy task and although possible it is very expensive. Install Linux in it and use it as an internet appliance ;)

ToNic16.02.2004 08:55
Sweet. Good luck with getting it to work. 3 because its not working.

Cyco16.02.2004 08:43
Yes it is tough trying to wire it but do you know where i can get some help on my next project