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Added: 17.02.2004
Full Case
Owner: Antti
Country: Finland

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Näitä modattuja koteloita katsellessa täällä sivustolla, innostuin itsekin modaamaan tietokoneen. Oli jo aikaisemminkin ajatus ollut että modaisin tietsikan johonkin stereolaitteistoon, mutta en kuitenkaan jaksanut aloittaa moista projektia.

Mutta nyt kun innostuin, niin päätin kyhätä kotelon yamahan kasettidekistä. Koko systeemi ei mahtunut ihan tuohon koteloon, joten jatkoin sitä takaapäin niin että virtalähdekin mahtui mukaan. Tein takaosan stereoiden kannesta ja pahvista.

Mittaristo olisi tarkoitus jossain vaiheessa laittaa toimimaan kovalevyn tahtiin.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 125

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Antti29.04.2004 20:32
Thanks CarlitoB! I hope your project will succeed too!

ii20.04.2004 09:09
I love it. Very nice.

CarlitoB15.04.2004 01:28
I just bought an old stereo today with the intention of doing what you've done! Your result is great, hope mine will be too!

Falkra07.04.2004 19:12
Very nice job, and good concept. 5/5

dummy17.03.2004 17:46
very kewl

Liquid Metal29.02.2004 10:43
pretty idea, nice and clean. 4 points from me!

FlightMan26.02.2004 18:16
Ihan Hiano! Mä ölen itsekin modannu 80-luvun technics radioon.

MaxaMaccara25.02.2004 14:35
toi on ihan hieno.. tosi pirteen näkönen.. no pistä joo ne mittarit toimiin.. ei oo ees vaikeeta laittaa!! 5pts

*anonymous*24.02.2004 20:56
Nice work. Much better and original than 95% of the cases on this site.

Kintac24.02.2004 19:48
TOSI HIENO!! en moista ennen oo nähnykkää, 5 pistet. tosi hieno!

jek21.02.2004 22:21
Grate work man! 80's audio tech style. I'll consider this design for my own custom case.

Entropia18.02.2004 21:11
Tyylikäs :) Jatka samaa rataa.

jaguarking1118.02.2004 03:01
Not bad still needs work but I have faith you will make it look awsome so im giving you a 5 out of 5 for the future finish dont disapoint and dont forget to post pics when fully done and btw those analog dials should get wired to the soundcard so they illustrate audio signals

Qballcious18.02.2004 01:32
I assume given the chosen case and the fact that I don't speak Finnish, that he is going to use this PC as an HTPC or PVR of some sort. In which case the specs are a very welcome bit of info as many of us are interested in a good HTPC setup. It's interesting to see the hardware combo's used to get the proper HTPC funcionality. It's nice to see a guy who'll sacrifice his real/main system for such a large mod. At least he doesn't have an old PII or K6II in there. Very good choice of case and very clean job. The only things that need work are the DVD-ROM area, the top and the buttons. Keep at it d00d. Love it. Want to see more internal Pics. 4/5

Japala .:admin18.02.2004 00:53
Your english is just fine so no need to comment on that. System specs is also something that seems to be a trend and I don't mind seeing them as long as poster will also tell something about the mod.

Antti17.02.2004 23:00
Blue light button is a power button, beneath that is a reset button and in the middle is a fan switch (low/high RPM). Other buttons have not any functional meaning (yet!)
Yes, I need to work more with the top of the PC, its actually unfinished.
I don't know why did I gave those system specs, i believed that was a practise.
Thanks about the feedback!

Quentis17.02.2004 21:30
How this guy has 2.5 on the modomatic is beyond me. this was probably a big project to tackle and his result came out clean and nice looking. 5/5!

Ratman17.02.2004 20:34
Yes where are all thos buttons for? I give 3 points. Still need to work on the top of the pc i dont like the colour.

*anonymous*17.02.2004 20:16
1) Do any of the buttons work?
2) Not too shabby looking but could be a little cleaner looking
3) Why give your system specs? Do they in any way reflect on the mod?
Overall 3/5

fdsf17.02.2004 20:01
kivan näkönen ;P