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Added: 19.02.2004
Full Case
Owner: Epeli
Country: Finland

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so here is my little project its not competly ready yeat (acryl from the window is missing).
winamp leds, camoflaushed cd, blowhole, window, red paint and molex lights

processor :Duron 1,6Ghz
hardrive: Segate barracuda 40gt
mobo: MSI kt4-av
grapich card: ati club 9200SE
psu:Q-tech 350w
soundcard: hercules muse 5,1

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Rating: 2.59 - Votes: 22

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Victor Freeze25.09.2005 09:50
nuo ledit tuossa etupaneelissa näyttää tosi siistiltä ja käy tuohon koppaan!! Ehkä punaiset olis ollu ihan hyvät.. Mutta tosi hieno, saat 5...

Quentis20.02.2004 20:17
The winamp leds look sick, i deserted mine because i wanted to use my parallel port for something else. The job is neat and clean, though it could use some more work on the paint. 4/5

Epeli20.02.2004 14:39
huge THX for the responding ;)

N520.02.2004 02:08
unique looking

Gear Face19.02.2004 23:15
I think its a nice clean looking mod. fits the modder just fine, still functional and looks professional. 3/5

Epeli19.02.2004 21:14
im coming out whit something new in few days... and i know that window isnt anything special but i had to something =)
and if you look close enough you van see a pipe inside the case sucking fresh air and i didn need 1 extra fan to do that
..sorry about my bad english =(

Ratman19.02.2004 19:44
Not the best mod i have seen untill now, and neither the best pics. And you should buy some new speakers those suck. but it isn´t a bad ideia. go on with your job. :D 3 points

b0nna19.02.2004 19:12
yeah, nice leds in the front. but do something more creative with the rest of the case. a plexi window on the sidedoor, seen it before...

AzsaZ19.02.2004 17:07
Leds are great, sorry, don't like the red, a 3 from AzsaZ

Topher19.02.2004 16:38
Great idea about the Winamp leds. I forgot all about those.

Epeli19.02.2004 16:25
sorry about those crappy pictures