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Added: 20.02.2004
Full Case
Owner: crash
Country: USA

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well, heres my case. not too much modding has been done to it. im too lazy. i got an lcd inside, still needs backlighting(waiting on lsdiodes). i got 2 red ccfl lights, 2 uv ccfl lights each color set on its own switch, 2 xbox ports in front hooked up through usb only one works :(. black painted drives, screw as button on top drive, i lost the button that came with it while painting. 2 80mm blue led fans in front. black painted door, tried to do the mirror finish as mentioned in forum, didnt polish, just waxed it. door fan painted uv red/orange. sleeved molex cables. thats about it, i will soon get an image of a crop circle thats very intracate and do that on the back panel, might lite up.

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Rating: 2.06 - Votes: 31

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Liquid Metal29.02.2004 10:41
very sweet case, but you didn't do much yourself, I can see that. Therefore I give ya 2 points. If you strap all the cables together then maybe it will turn into 3, but your case isn't just worth that by now.

Qballcious24.02.2004 00:46
No matter what people do to these cases they will never be original again. But this one is particularly messy and unmatched in themes. It can be salvaged with a lot of hard work.

allamalacha22.02.2004 01:34
what fucking shit?

Rickard020.02.2004 23:48
You would still get a 2/5 if you had a nekkid chick laying behind it, this is poop, start over

Quentis20.02.2004 20:20
What a mess. The mirror finish looks horrible, try again! 2/5

*anonymous*20.02.2004 17:22
It's a start I suppose but so far everything is mostly pre-mod and therefor nothing special. There is no central 'theme' tying it all together, just a 'weee, look at how many store bought things I can add' kind of thing going on.. 2/5 Keep trying, everyone has to start somewhere

J0rn20.02.2004 16:40
Hmm. This case isnt good but it isnt bad either. There is just nothing that would stay on mind (positive nor negative)

seppo1420.02.2004 12:23
taitaa olla tehdasvalmistettu toi sivulevy :) Ei tykkää kaikki vaan ite

Nado20.02.2004 12:18
you really have to work on this case. it has a lot of potential, but u screwed it... the black door doesn't match the rest of the case. the cable mess inside is horrible and the ccfls shouldn't be visible. in addition, there's hardly anything lit up. so, work on that case, maybe it'll be very nice someday... 1pt

gon20.02.2004 09:56
So I don't see anything interesting here... Wooow with flash wow without flash....

Ratman20.02.2004 09:29
This sucks, put some neon fan´s in it and some neon, and thats it? PLEASE COME BACK TO EARTH this is what i call RRE-MOD, everyone gots that case..... And the pics are bad to. 2 points from me.

sean020.02.2004 08:46
tsk tsk clean up the cables and i dont like the black door it dosnt suit it and as every 1 else sais keep cathodes outa sight but at least it has some mods in it

b00b20.02.2004 08:42
AGUAHGH!~h stick sum pics of the powah button