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Added: 21.02.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Henri
Country: Finland

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Little window with two blue leds and two dragons carved with Dremel.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 170

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TeeSCee30.09.2005 13:57
voi PRKL miten hieno!!!!

doc13.03.2005 17:17
very nice job, i would of made it with red leds, but if you like it then then theres no prob

*anonymous*21.01.2005 15:57
that is bad ass

Darco30.09.2004 10:13

_mehiZ_26.07.2004 22:50
aika vitun jees:P

Speadbum25.04.2004 06:53
Very nice, may I borrow the idea for my side panels?

*anonymous*23.04.2004 21:50

statix22.03.2004 01:07
definately a 5! very clean, natural looking, and i love the dragon!

Xeraxon10.03.2004 22:18
Holy shit! You are an awesome art man!

Crash00726.02.2004 17:55
sorry meant inspires. gaged and ass for his misspelling and didn't want to make same mistake. great job

Crash00726.02.2004 17:54
Man this is nice. Again new to the modding world and this job inspiers me to make a few windows such as this for my latest creation. great job 4 only because you might want to hide some of those wires

BuruZ24.02.2004 21:06
Good Joob...Was it easy to do? my computer is also modded but much more..=)

Balder24.02.2004 11:00
Tää on hieno..!! 5 pistet..

Qballcious24.02.2004 00:30
I agree. Very clean job. Needs a backdrop however. You must have an insanly steady engraving hand. Pointlessness aside it is still a clean mod. 2/5

jharsh23.02.2004 11:25
very nice. Only one problem... You can see some wires behind the plastic. Cover the back with something to fix that small problem. Still a 5 in my book. (will have to do something like that in my next case)

Henri22.02.2004 22:49
I used only very small cylinder shaped engraving point and of course steady hand. Yes it took some time.

Henri22.02.2004 22:25
Kotelon merkistä ei aavistustakaan, mutta konehan on vanha uskollinen Mikromikko 166 MHz pentium MMX.

drinn22.02.2004 22:14
helvetin hieno. :) mikä kotelo muuten?

Nado22.02.2004 17:06
damn, what a nice job! it's done so well, i like the cutting most. u painted it afterwards, didn't u? 5 pts

Lucif3r22.02.2004 16:33
OH MY GOD HOW DID U DO THAT?!?! Ok u used a dremel but what tool did u have on it?? plzzz i wanna know :)
DAMN this is nice! 5 points!!

Kirb22.02.2004 15:29
Rocketer.. *sigh* I just can't stand that 'philosophy' if thats true, then why are you even here?! a glowpad isn't functional, paint jobs aren't, lights aren't, windows, nothing!

So yah, just what I think, heh. But as to the actual mod.. looks wicked!

Kasper W Eriksen22.02.2004 14:53
Looks Good!
Nice carving skills;)

Rocketer22.02.2004 13:11
If it ain`t functional than it is unusefull.

Ice T22.02.2004 11:17
Oh my fucking god! Damn nice man!! 8D

sean022.02.2004 04:30
damn nice i done somthing simaler

Dark Elf22.02.2004 01:29
simple, stylish and well done... An exceedingly good mod! your kung-fu is STRONG!!!

BaskoFF22.02.2004 00:37
just great =)