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Added: 22.02.2004
Full Case
Owner: {arkon}
Country: Australia

.: All mods by owner...
3 cathods flexiglow and jaycar ones
jet 7 cpu cooler
5 led fans antec and cooler master ones
cooler master musketeer
antec moniter cathod
flexiglow mousepad
wireloom and sprial wrap on wires
speed fan controller and cathod switch on front panel
abit gforce fx 5800 with leds
antec 430 true power psu

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Rating: 2.17 - Votes: 24

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Nado23.02.2004 17:07
ah, yea... sorry...

galea99923.02.2004 09:54
er nado you forgot the cathode and fan speed switch

Quentis23.02.2004 01:43
So youve got the bling, but nothing to show for it but a crappy pre mod

*anonymous*22.02.2004 19:11
The window isn't handmade.. I have the same exact case.. /sigh All pre-mod.. 1 pt

Nado22.02.2004 17:03
sorry, 3 ccfls, and i forgot the fans... still not nice, 2 points

Nado22.02.2004 17:01
umm, okay, let's see what we can recognize...
- a Coolermaster Musketeer
- a window (seems to be handmade)
- a sticker
- 2 ccfls
- messy wires
now let's think about it... where's the mod?

Ice T22.02.2004 11:11
Bad mod quality too

seppo1422.02.2004 10:10
bad picture quality... :(