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Added: 22.02.2004
Full Case
Owner: sean0 (arkons bro)
Country: Australia

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PIC 1-these pics show my my cables all loomed up and hidden up the top and the cables on the inside that are sleeved and zip tied aswell

PIC 2-i stealth my lazer beam led switch and fan speed controller into my spare floppy bay

PIC 3- in the dark

PIC 4- in dayligt

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Rating: 1.7 - Votes: 27

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se@man24.02.2004 10:08
at least hes got neat cables but the sticker ?

no_one^23.02.2004 21:49
uhh................. 1pt, it's still a pre-mod, in case mod section :/ 1p :(

Quentis23.02.2004 01:45
hey wow, both you and your brother managed to scrape up almost sry dude, but you have to understand what modding is all about.

sean022.02.2004 22:54
and if you look closer in pic 1 youll see my cables are neat

sean022.02.2004 22:52
i would not of posted my case in yet cause its nowhere near finished but my bro wanted to see who would get the most points i still got to paint sum more of my add on cards with uv paint & replacing the fans in my psu with uv ones

Nado22.02.2004 17:04
yea, baby, it's pre-mod time again... 1 pt

Gilliam22.02.2004 15:10
i am not a fan of ugly switches(hide them), nor scared windows. your CPU cooler.... IMO the WORST looking cpu cooler style that any cooler maker has EVER put out. a 2 :/

Kasper W Eriksen22.02.2004 14:50
I feel like a Idol jugde saying this, but we all have seen this before, nothing special. whats the mod? You managed to cut holes for the lazer beam led switch and fan speed controller? 1P!

Eärendil22.02.2004 14:35
It's a mess and it ain't even original.

haha22.02.2004 14:03
i cant see shit