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Added: 22.02.2004
Full Case
Owner: hairychimpdude
Country: United Kingdom

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this is my setup 99% finished,just need to get some good fan grills and wait for my matrix lcd to turn up. it's all been done on a very small budget so dont hassle me if it looks a bit rough, it's my first mod project and have no money!

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Rating: 3.31 - Votes: 39

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hairychimpdude24.02.2004 14:42
pretty sure,thats what bios says,then the mothernoard monitor in windows,also hsve a seperate temperature probe placed in there that always reads about 2 or 3c above what the mobo sensor says. dont get me wrong, it's not that temperature permanently,depending on how cold the room is(and i dont have central heating) it varys between 19-34c. have had it as low as 12c but that was when i'd left the window open overnight and it was cold enough to snow

Jetjumper24.02.2004 00:51
19C.. erm.. are you sure about that?

hairychimpdude24.02.2004 00:27
it's not thermaltake or swiftech cooling,it's a cheap setup as i dont have huge amounts of cash to throw around, though when it regularly gives cpu temps of 19c you cant complain

hairychimpdude24.02.2004 00:25
for $1000 you could have a really nice pc if you look around.mine cost about a third of that and runs very nicely.putting it together is a different thing though.make sure you match up motherboard to processor type,i.e amd or intel etc.. and the memory. look at setups already made you can buy and get ideas.putting them together isnt too hard if you've got the right stuff, just read the manuals.personally i wouldnt go below a 2 ghz processor with 512 meg ram and a decent gfx card.

Ekhan23.02.2004 23:49
hey....Im thinking of making a computer....
I have no idea wut type of specs I need
I want a budget of about $1000, but I want good memory, gfx etc.
Is it hard to make a computer? I have no idea, but I am all around smart.

are there books or anything like that.

I mean, what type of things do I need to know before I can start building

I saw the acrylic case I can do as well as fans I can put together but how will I know how to setup the motherboard....and which one to buy.

xaserII23.02.2004 20:53
is that a thermaltake watercooler? Im not that impressed. Swift tech would have blown my skirt up. Plus the hole in the door sucks dude. quentis i swear you are lost in the mod zone. Its not that great...

hairychimpdude23.02.2004 20:13
planning now on replacing the 120mm fan with a aluminium one,though sourcing it in the uk is a pain in the ass! and then i'm not sure if it will fit with the general scheme of the rest. the placing of it is for the radiatior, i couldnt put it to suck air in thru the front of the case cos there's no grill there already and i wanted to keep the front it makes a nice gentle breeze to keep me cool when windows crashes! wish i'd put a pic up of how it looked when i started,i wouldnt have even given it a one! stock mods and wires everywhere.

AzsaZ23.02.2004 15:40
Ehm, the fan hole on the side, sorry but, that sucks, can't you make a hole ore something?
Just cutting out a part.....sorry, a 2 from AzsaZ

N523.02.2004 03:21
unique looking. i like it

Quentis23.02.2004 01:52
Havent seen a decent mod like yours in a while. Good job budgeting, youve done for yourself what other people spend lots of money on couldnt- make a great looking case. the uv scheme is awesome, im a man of single colors. i dont have any money either, its ok :) 4/5

An@rchy22.02.2004 23:40
I think it's unique. I like it

submission22.02.2004 23:14
ewwww koolance, very nasty. Bad fan placement :(.
Sorry 2

drinn22.02.2004 22:22
nice window.

Liquid Metal22.02.2004 22:19
nice case, really nice color choosing. only u have to change that side fan, really doesnt match the rest (but I know u cant change it now)

hairychimpdude22.02.2004 21:51
by the way the entire side panel is clear acrylic, i wasnt too sure what size and shape window i wanted so instead of cutting the existing side panel which had a horrible flower pattern window which caused too many problems (the stock perspex reacted to the uv tubes!) i got a sheet cut to siza then just played til i was happy. went with simple square, nice and straight forward,nothing too tacky or over the top, saving that for my next mod

hairychimpdude22.02.2004 21:47
yeah the fan hole on the side is pretty rough, but planning on getting some decent grill or mesh to cover it,same with the two small fans in front,dont want to get rid of them cos they cool my hardrives down a bit,they're quiet and wont look that bad once stealhed

Nado22.02.2004 20:15
LOL! before i looked closer i thought the side is done well... damn, what did u do? weren't u able to cut a simple hole? nice mod at all, just take out those small fans in the front. 3 pts