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Added: 23.02.2004
Full Case
Owner: BiosHazard
Country: United Kingdom

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From the silicon to the shroud this is so offworld youd think they found it in area 51!!! Your already clued bout how i had to deepsix the geforce n how the voodoo 5500 is now bossing the grafix. Now i put a such a pure tune on the cpu. That pentium 750 is a sweet chip but how much sweeter now i wound the clock onto 1064 mhz!!!!! Pedal to the metal??? Word to that!!!!! But when u gotta mofo 4 a mobo you aint gotta fix nuttin so the Tyan Trinity 400 stays in full effect. A 250mb outboard zip just ices the works. Check my earlier mod 4 the rest of the spex.

Now im gonna put you on the right channel with where im comin from on the optix. Took a mindgrab of bro an@rchys site n seen what hes got goin on with the tapes over the cd spinnas. Credit where!! But i taken it to a whole nother level like we got fractals pourin outta that tub!!! Im thinkin all of u gonna see somethin different in this one n all i can tell u is dont try to understand just free your program. U know my code just let it flow n thats how i gets to break the rules hell i dont even know what the rules are!!!

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Rating: 1.58 - Votes: 83

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FM6908.02.2005 22:57
I haven't laughed that much in soooooooooooooooooooooo long... LOL

Quentis30.11.2004 23:33
His almost kind of like Shakespeare.

jerb26.10.2004 00:56
english is a wonderful language, with that said i suggest you use it. i see what you were going for but it came out crappy, tape is no excuse for a paintjob. next time use the tape as a mask and paint the thing... 1/5

Heatsink Burns22.08.2004 12:17
I like unconventional mods. It's ugly, but I have to give you points for creativity, effort and unconventionality. The tape thing doesn't really work for me, though. Personal tastes.

Tip: Tape over the entire case: front, sides, back; all of it. Then cut the tape to remove the sides, to unblock the optical drives, etc. That way, it looks like it's taped shut all around, as if something (possibly evil) were inside that you didn't want to let out...

*anonymous*30.05.2004 22:26

pimpin hustlah09.05.2004 21:19
word to wtf

Nexion11.04.2004 18:47
One Big WTF?!

dummy17.03.2004 17:41
Eddie Van Halen would love that!

Jack17.03.2004 17:00
U wrappes unionJack around u'r case =D

Big-C09.03.2004 10:32
øhhh... yes, yes, peace out.

But really, I like it. Its unconventional enough to make me look at it twice. 4 dots.

Mr Shifter29.02.2004 16:54
It can't take you, it's meanin' freak in, sister!

drwho29.02.2004 03:05
is that supposed to be a flag or something????????? DUH?????

bambi29.02.2004 03:01
i can take it, it's freakin' mean out, man!

omg28.02.2004 05:06
hey, thats a fail minus.

Nevah28.02.2004 03:17

modcop26.02.2004 08:23
awsome, wher'd ya get that red and black duct tape?

ismannen25.02.2004 15:48
is it english he's writing? :P

MaxaMaccara25.02.2004 14:44
hahahahha!! thats sick!! i dont even think about voting this!! i just cant because its impossible! weird!!

Ratticus25.02.2004 08:19
Mate that hurts my eyes. Paint it half decent.

Liquid Metal24.02.2004 22:03
good paintjob, but this isn't what moddin is about. 2 points for your painting skills

*anonymous*24.02.2004 20:42
Poop, I say. I've crapped better looking things than this.

drinn24.02.2004 15:58
Ratman, Why he must to take pictures from the inside? This site is modding site and ordinary we want to see what kind of the case is from outside. Of course there are some component mods..

But we should go back to business.. that looks... I can't say that. The case can look better if the foreground color would be black. Basic white is the color which is awful in the cases. It's my appraisal.


Ratman24.02.2004 13:06
you should take some pics from the inside!. cant see any shit, and ekhan are you gonna make the same question to all these coming modders? if you are so smart just go and buy a pc. 2 points from me.

sean024.02.2004 10:03
looks alright but i dont like the the beige on the front

Happless_Gimp24.02.2004 07:50
How can you keep making such junk? Its a pity there isnt a 0 option

jharsh24.02.2004 04:30
I'll give 2 points but only because it looks like some work went into it. (It's a small some at that). Just paint the case red and black!

whatever24.02.2004 01:11
thats just plain nasty. 1pt

AzsaZ24.02.2004 00:49
Original, a 3 from AzsaZ

Jzzo24.02.2004 00:41
What a typo =DD gaming not faming ;DD

Jzzo24.02.2004 00:41
1000 euors is a bit less for good faming comp but not impossible... i would go with amd athlon xp 2500+, some cheap motherboard, radeon 9600 pro or xt and 512 of 400 mhz memory. Assembling is not hard, but if u are a first timer i recommend to get a friend who has experience to help you so you wont mess anything up, and btw this is a bit odd place to ask about it, seek formus with the topic you are talking about. Good luck putting a comp together =)

huh?24.02.2004 00:37
got to be a joke

Ekhan23.02.2004 23:54
vhey....Im thinking of making a computer....
I have no idea wut type of specs I need
I want a budget of about $1000, but I want good memory, gfx etc.
Is it hard to make a computer? I have no idea, but I am all around smart.

are there books or anything like that.

I mean, what type of things do I need to know before I can start building

I saw the acrylic case I can do as well as fans I can put together but how will I know how to setup the motherboard....and which one to buy. What type of power and things should I buy, what type of cooling, sound card, graphics card? what kind of processor? what brands??

Lol...fill me in

ToNic23.02.2004 23:34
Look ok. Cant just talk about your mod and not how crazy you are about it? 3pts.

Nado23.02.2004 22:47
although i don't like duct-tape mods, it looks pretty cool. 3 points should be enough.
btw: stop prayin' dude, this isn't a philosophy forum!