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Added: 27.02.2004
Other hardware/devices
Owner: AK
Country: Finland

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This is my LCD display, 4*20 chars.
I made this long time ago, but I just found pictures of it, so I decided to post them here :P

There is a small ON/OFF switch on the side (doesn't show up in the pictures) to toggle the display ON and OFF. The red led on the casing is an indicator led for power (lights up == power ON). That little powerconnector in the back is for a custom power cable to draw +5V from my computer (I have a same kind of connector in my computer). I use a 1.5 metres long printer extension cable to connect it to printerport. I might paint the casing black or someother color some day.

Sorry that I don't have pics from inside of the casing :(

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.36 - Votes: 28

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Necry26.10.2005 17:15
dont steal my nick "NeCrY"

Me Just Me02.04.2004 10:14
You using software to 'talk' to the LCD right? If not then get you somethng like LCD Smartie or jaLCDs. If it still doesn't work, check, and recheck, your connections.

NeCrY25.03.2004 10:02
I Have HD44780 LCD (2 pcs, new) and soldered by schematics found via inet but still nothing happened and no one is working...LCDs are OK but noone knows where is the problem...backlight is working but no data onn screen

Me Just Me22.03.2004 21:16
tEeS: What is the chipset? Knowing the chipset, tells you what pins connect where. The majority have a HD44780 chipset, and there are allot of web sites that show one how to connect them to the parallel port. They even provide scematics that have dimmer contols, software downloads, and some show how to change the LCD color and invert the the text. Depending on your skills (and pocket depth) you can make a simple one in less then an hour, or one that is a completely different color and takes a day or two.

I bought one of the crystalfontz serial units, but wanted to know how to make your own. Ordered an LCD with a HD44780 chip set, parallel cable and two potis, and soldered it all together in about 30 minuts.

Cyco09.03.2004 07:50 shit im gonna order 1000 lol its so freaking cheap

Qballcious28.02.2004 18:14
tEeS, go to and read up on serial/USB LCD's. Cheap and look great. If you can get an existing salvaged LCD to work that's great but it's so much simpler just to buy the LCD with it's mated control cicuit.

Nado28.02.2004 11:23
nice, clean job. 3 points

tEeS28.02.2004 08:16
CAN SOMEONE HELP!!! I have about 20 LCD Displays( just the LCD LCD screen with 21 pins on each sideof the back of LCD) Does anyone know of a site where I can make one of those Comp LCD things??? Or do I need the whole LCD with solder board on the back ????get back to me at

Qballcious28.02.2004 00:34
Is that a Crystal Fontz LCD? Nice enclosure. Love the clean I/O's. 3/5

Cyco27.02.2004 23:54
nice! Whered u get the lcd at? Im making one out of a real lcd screen but i want a little on like that for other stuff at the lan