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Added: 28.02.2004
Owner: CUBE
Country: USA

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I was geting tired of the green LEDs in my keyboard. I decited to change them to red. Yes, Simple but satisfying.

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 46

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phenoptix28.06.2005 16:01
I've done this in blue as is the norm, a red or a white might be next. Did consider colour changing but that would be irritating! I've got an old dell keyboard that's going to get some real treatment this next week or so!
Red-Black looks cool

Demooni27.05.2004 19:25
As Nexion already mentioned, white would be great, or deep blue. Nevertheless, great job, as black-red is one of my favourite color combinations. 5/5

Cdez19.04.2004 16:20
Nice colour. Perfect to go with the black.

Nexion11.04.2004 05:23
I think white would look pimp. 4/5 none the less for the simple but good idea.

Wolf16.03.2004 05:43
Its funny that you mention the Red White and Blue scheme...I have it :D I personaly think it looks great.

CUBE01.03.2004 06:50
The reason why scroll lock looks brighter is because the LEDs are not straght and the Scroll Lock was pointing in to the camera lens.

CUBE01.03.2004 01:40
I thought of makeing the first LED red, the second LED white, and the last LED blue. How pateriotic. I think i will do that when i get tired of Red alone.

Cereal Killer29.02.2004 11:24
Yes i agree blue is best. And it would be better in a black keyboard. Also white leds could do 2/5

whatever28.02.2004 22:50
blue is the best, sure theres a lot of it but its such a pleasing colour of light. There is nothing wrong with red ,its just on its own like that seems lacking somehow

Qballcious28.02.2004 18:10
I agree with Fast128. Good job breaking the mould CUBE. I like it not so much for it's simplicity and funcionality as I do for it's origina color choice. So fucking sick of BLUE!!!!!! 3/5

Fast12828.02.2004 15:37
whatever, blue is trendy isn't it? BULLSHIT everyone got blue, so it means that he has to do it too? He is original and that's the reason of modding!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5pts ;)

moe28.02.2004 14:38
I have seen so much blue stuff that blue is coming out of my ears.
I prefer red.

Yah00ka28.02.2004 14:26
blue, blue, evryone uses blue..
but scroll lock looks brighter then the other 2

whatever28.02.2004 13:34
blue, blue is the colour of cool not red, 2pt