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Added: 13.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: xaserII
Country: USA

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is this not the worst office shot you have ever seen? had to post...

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Rating: 2.4 - Votes: 45

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World08.06.2008 14:44
1/5 because of the evil flag.

xaserII20.07.2005 09:25
ahhhhh i look back on this pic and it brings back memories of a different time. it was well over a year ago when i posted this office shot and the admins decided to start an office gallery. wow how time flys...

Interlaced08.04.2005 13:14
That chair looks rather comfortable.

dave_beerman26.08.2004 16:26
nice and tidy.
AerogateII rocks.


Wow26.08.2004 15:56
Room of my dreams! =)

[D]emon01.07.2004 19:43
Nice desk :) only one tiny comment ...

The flag is not hanging in accordance with U.S. Army regulations. When the flag is hanging downward, the union (blue field with white stars) is supposed to be facing toward the left, not the right.

daveg_uk14.06.2004 00:22
This desk has one hell of a lot of potentiol i think if you tidyies it up it would be a smashing office 2/5

xaserII31.03.2004 23:58
ya I didnt like the way it turned out. any way the components of my computer were too expensive to put in an old rusty ass ammo can from nam. ive got a lame promod case for my server so i dont know what im gonna do with it.

Qballcious31.03.2004 06:00
I think i see it. Is it under that empty PC case?

xaserII16.03.2004 16:55
wasnt sure if this posted...
hey my chair suks. my ass sticks to it when i sit in it naked. hey qball see my ammocan in the corner. anybody want a dvd tower? 5 buks...

An@rchy14.03.2004 06:00
no i want that chair. too bad i already got one :P

N513.03.2004 23:30
nice, but i agree with nado, send me the chair :)

Nado13.03.2004 23:04
i've seen freakier rooms. nice try though ;)
maybe clean it up a bit, huh? btw: i want that chair

Quentis13.03.2004 22:29
I dont understand this new section...what am I supposed to say? "Nice desk"?

silent13.03.2004 21:12
I don't see modd here...even easy...

xxxlr813.03.2004 20:36
yea nice chair i have the same model but mine has built in massage

An@rchy13.03.2004 19:10
hentai is funny

Ladikusz13.03.2004 15:51
Where are the mod? ah, the dragon painting? nice :)

Japala .:admin13.03.2004 15:03
being planning on getting that kind of chair too. I'm just wondering how "sticky" it becomes when you sweat?

Toften13.03.2004 14:28
I like your chair, but pull that ugly dragon poster down!

Qballcious13.03.2004 11:10
Read the news on the mod gallery main page. Japala added a new section to the gallery.."Office and Desk shots." - This falls under that category.

I seem to recall just a few days ago that I mentioned "where you rock" pictures as being a good idea. Looks like Japala reads the threads :-) Good job admin. Love the new section.

Also the room looks cool. I like it. 3/5 The chair looks really comfortable.

me13.03.2004 10:57
Wheres the mod? You are suposed to show up your mods here (and perhaps naked picturees of your wife), not crap like this.

sean013.03.2004 10:50
seen worse but yer right 1/5 :P