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Added: 14.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: x95
Country: USA

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Here is my computer (Area51Tower) setup in a roll top desk. This desktop is my main tower, built a bit earlier this year. Used for mainly graphic design, websites, and engineering work. Hopefully, a new desk is in the works to hold the entire system, rather than creeping across two.

System Specs for Area51Tower:
Aspire X Alien case with 420W PS
Athlon XP 2800+
Asus A7N8X Deluxe MB with 1.5 GB PC 3200 DDR (3x 512)
Memorex Dual X DVD+/-RW, Liteon 16x DVD, Liteon 52x CD-RW
Hayes v.92 Modem and 5-port USB 2.0 card
30 GB HD (Windows XP dedicated)
80 GB SATA HD (for files and software)
Nexus Fan controller (dialed into 2 purple cold cathodes with on/off switch)
6 Green LED fans
1.44 MB Floppy Drive
Dual APC UPS (whole system stays up in power outage)
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro with 256 MB DDR and Dual monitor support
Dual Sony SDM-X73 17” LCDs (One DVI, one VGA)
Logitech Keyboard and MX 700 Mouse
Medion 9x12 Drawing Tablet
HP 895 CSE Printer and HP K80x Multifunction
Canon Canoscan 1220u
Altec Lansing VS4121 Speakers
Multifunction card reader and Palm Zire 71

The switch on the top bay and some wiring (not shown here) are minor mods, but not original enough for a true posting. AlienProbe, the Gateway m505x laptop, is on the top of the desk for mobile work. A Netgear D104 hub is hidden on the side of the desk to connect to the home LAN.

There is a bit of glare on the screen, but there is an image of my other computer mod, the fiancés Care Bear computer (do a search for my name and take a look in the case mods section, it’s a great laugh). She is heading for a serious hardware update and dual monitors shortly.


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x9528.10.2004 19:17
To answer the latest questions - yes, I think the speakers are great. I wanted surround sound, but didn't want the wires (plus my hearing is not the greatest for music). These suit me fine.
The cost of the computer is gathered over deals and slow upgrades. The computer now supports an Athlon 64 3200 with a new Chaintech MB and a NEC 16x DL DVD Burner.
I watch the deals and wait to purchase items with rebates, clearance bin pricing, or with gift certificates.

rimppis24.09.2004 17:43
Was that expensive?

icefusion25.07.2004 13:10
are them altec lansing speakers any good? the sub looks big, nice desk too

Ballemann14.05.2004 21:38
NIIICE setup =)

BoF200402.04.2004 04:52
Bad @ss my friend

Bobd31419.03.2004 02:32
Whoa! It REALLY REALLY REALLY looks like mine... wow, ill post mine in lil bit

Qballcious17.03.2004 00:40
Since when is price an issue for software??? :-))))

Just kidding, if I used my coppies of PSP or Photoshop for a business I would probably rather pay for a legitimate versions too just to be safe :-)

x9516.03.2004 17:56
Yes, that is PSP 8.1. I started using it back with version 5 and continued. It was the next best option to photoshop before photoshop elements came out, pricewise. The drawing pad is a nice addition for work that is not as easy with the mouse.

Qballcious16.03.2004 05:52
Nice setup guy. Is that Paintshop Pro on the right. It's better than PhotoShop for simple tasks. 2/5

I once tried 2 mice in Win98 to play splitscreen DoomII mod. Didn't work too well. Both mice controlled one cursor or character. hehe Fun to mess with though.

People aren't reacting to the "where you rock" pics so well. Maybe Japala should make an entire seperate page for these. Comp room, Mod Gallery, Single Mods. Kinda going from a broad picture of your computing area, to your computer itself, and then right down to the indevidual mods being documented. Nice broad coverage.

***Japala if you are reading this, it is not meant as a official suggestion or I'd post it in the Forums like you a asked.

x9515.03.2004 18:09
To respond to a few questions:
1. Nisse, the Gir doll is a Hot Topic item. I think this one is discontinued, but I know the dog suit version is still up for grabs.
2. Nado, this is several years of accumulated PC parts. I don't spend tons of time or money at the bar, don't smoke, and watch what I spend rather closely. Also, this is my way of making a living. Spend a few hours a day on the PC and small upgrades start to really help out (plus check the junk bins and open box deals).
3. N5, a dual mouse. Can you explain that one?

N515.03.2004 06:19
the closest to dual anything i ever got was dual mouse. (which BTW is pretty handy)

drinn14.03.2004 22:18
rich man..

AK14.03.2004 21:10
Damn, I think that you have too much money in your wallet ;F

ZyXx14.03.2004 16:10
are you jealous? well dont be, these are just pictures. ;)

Nado14.03.2004 15:25
btw: on which criteria should we judge desks/offices? honestly, i don't like the idea that much, especially because ppl r posting their shit now just to show us their specs and how much money they have...

Nado14.03.2004 15:23
damn, where do people get all that f*ckin money? please, stop dealing with drugs ;) but 1 keyboard/mouse for 2 systems? seems strange... man, get out of ur hole, look what life is like and don't spend ur money only on computers, there are many other things to do...

nisse14.03.2004 14:19
Where did you get that GIR-doll?

Japala .:admin14.03.2004 12:43
Azsaz, perhaps that is why this is in Office/desk section. ;)

AzsaZ14.03.2004 11:11
2 LCD Screens?

When do you clean up your desk?

Sorry, I see more from your desk, than from your case, so a big 1 from AzsaZ