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Added: 14.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Riku A.
Country: Finland

.: All mods by owner...
My desk,,,

from left:
lexmark x1150 multifunction? printer
left speaker
17" compaq 7500 and jbl platinum speakers(not in use)
compaq keyboard
10" subwoofer behind the corner table
logitech mouse
siemens phone
zyxel prestige 645 adsl modem
left speaker
the "crappy old compaq"
sony rxd5 stereo
and lots of wires and other trash,,,

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Rating: 2.69 - Votes: 13

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Qballcious17.03.2004 00:44
addicts are cool too. :-) 2/5

dummt15.03.2004 18:02
i think you need to dump the trash cans there full

Riku A.14.03.2004 17:40
The fire extinguisher is actually a bottle, had vodka or something in it,,

ZyXx14.03.2004 16:08
Category: Office and Desk shots.

Silmä käteen ja äiti suomentamaan.

ja asiaan: Nice but messy.

Nado14.03.2004 15:27
lol, a fire extinguisher... did u have a fire in ur case or r u just afraid of it? at least this room is clean.

Claus-Aqua14.03.2004 14:50
Japala, I guess people are having a hard time adjusting to something new...

tm36usa14.03.2004 14:47
Sry Japala, I never saw the new catagory. I wont make that mistake again.

Japala .:admin14.03.2004 14:22
I really don't understand these comments. Is it that people doesn't seem to notice in what category these shots are in?

tm36usa14.03.2004 13:51
How is a room a mod??? I mean one was ok but now there is 3! No one wants to look at a room when they are looking for computer mods.