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Added: 15.03.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Ladikusz
Country: Hungary

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This is my first paint job. This is an old AT case. I try my painting knowledge on this case.

(sorry my bad English)

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Rating: 1.78 - Votes: 79

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Base11.05.2006 23:13
Hahaha! I know this comment is about to get deleted but I just need to tell I'm LMFAO!!! because of that previous comment.. =DDDDDDDDDDD

nappi20.01.2006 16:22
wtf paint job lol :D this paint is tussilla vedetty ihan selvästi

saatana06.10.2004 18:08
that's too easy so 1/5. better luck next time

Zen07.05.2004 00:16
Intel shuts down the computer if it gets to hot!
AMD starts burning!

Cyco17.03.2004 04:55
u should cut it out

jharsh16.03.2004 17:26
I agree with An@rchy. worth a 3/5 just for that.

*anonymous*16.03.2004 15:53
lol thats really sucks:D

Qballcious15.03.2004 23:40
Agree, don't like the font. But the execution is clean. 2/5 because I love the old mini-AT cases

arm200415.03.2004 23:26
but the new Intels do burn :D hot as hell (for example prescott) :P
2/5 from me...

An@rchy15.03.2004 23:07
INTEL SHOULD BURN, like it is in that picture.

N515.03.2004 22:39
looks good, and probably took a while 3

ToNic15.03.2004 21:39
Doesnt look that bad. No way i could do that. lol. 4pts

AzsaZ15.03.2004 19:56
Sorry, don't like it, a 3 from AzsaZ

Ladikusz15.03.2004 19:14
Small paintbrush, and many time...

Nado15.03.2004 15:56
looks as if u did it with permanent markers...
dunno, simply don't like it, especially the ugly font.
anyways, 2 points for the effort.

moe15.03.2004 14:45
pretty nice flames...
the text isn't so nice though..