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Added: 17.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: sean0
Country: Australia

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this is my setup its very basic but anyway
its got

magview 19inch monitor
black yamaha yst-m101 speakers
microsoft keyboard 'n' mouse
logitech wingman controlpad
antec external led light tube ( placed
under the keyboard draw to let light on the keyboard)
swansmart 56k modem (we cant get adsl in our area)
thats bout it for now

Admin's comments/notes:
Perhaps you crop the image bit better next time. :)

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Rating: 2.83 - Votes: 18

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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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*anonymous*18.03.2004 19:59
I can bloody well read. Please show me the actual desk in that photo, let alone the room. Please tell me what having black speakers and a 56k modem has to do with the category?

I used to enjoy coming here when it was slow at work and saying 'wow' to alot of mods. Now its premods pictures of desks.. Yay.

SEAN018.03.2004 07:03
I'm too young to work if I did I would have a whole lot more stuff.

Quentis18.03.2004 05:52
The Quentis has a poorass desk like that :)

N518.03.2004 03:11
looks like a fine place to work to me

Qballcious17.03.2004 23:35
I like it. under stated and cozy. Good work man. We can't all have granite toped desks and insane surroundsound setups.

I think the fact that the "Category: Office and Desk shots" is in a single mods gallery is throwing people off. Although the category is clearly labeled people still miss it when they see the thumbnail and freak out about all the flaming potential.

@ *ananymous* - READ before you post or you have no right to share your uneducated opinion. You obviously didn't see the category or your first comment would have been different so don't try to backpedal.

sean017.03.2004 22:53
the case is NOT totally premodded it has some stealthed controllers in the front and and gave my faceplates a face lift well i cut out some flamesfrom alliminium pollished em and glued them on to the faceplates it lookse pretty sik
and some big attention to cables

moe17.03.2004 18:55
Added: 17.03.2004
Category: Office and Desk shots.
Owner: sean0

You ever read these things?

AzsaZ17.03.2004 13:45
I cannot see anything men, leave your monitor's now about a case :-P
But what I can see, looks good, but premodded ! (tell me when I'm wrong!!!)
A 3 from AzsaZ

project17.03.2004 11:31
u should make some more pics of ur case...closer pics.