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Added: 17.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: GynZi
Country: Finland

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My room, first shot is my own computer (sorry for the mess!), second shot is the computer i bought for my gf (irc addict!) who wouldn't let me play because she had to be on my computer :(

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Rating: 2.21 - Votes: 14

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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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Bitch09.04.2006 12:08
ROFL :)!

Truba26.04.2004 22:21
Saat 5.0 tosta ekasta kuvasta, koska mun best frendillä on täysin sama pöytä!!! Ole Hyvä!

Panther17.03.2004 23:58
Oh, my mistake. I apologize, just clicked the link straight from the main site didn't notice this new category. Oh... well... yeah :P

GynZi17.03.2004 19:40
Added: 17.03.2004
Category: Office and Desk shots.
Owner: GynZi

What's the middle line say? "Office and Desk shots." What could that possibly mean? That's what this category is for... Office and Desk shots? wow. Then where does it say "Office and Desk mods"? Um...

Archoni17.03.2004 18:45
AARGHH!!! does anyone read news??!! it says very clear 'office and desk shot' or something similar.. there isn't any mods.. just that desk+computer combination.

and to the 'shot' i'm not going to comment any of these shots, because i don't know what to judge on them.. so no points from me.

and as Japala always says, don't combine more that one shot in one upload..

Panther17.03.2004 18:18
Wtf where's the mod???