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Added: 18.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Cyco
Country: USA

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This is my multimedia set up in my bedroom. sure my rooms small but i have another room next to it which is mine like a living room where i have my drawing table and a couch and a 32 inch tv and whatnot but w/e

You can see my graphic tablet, mylogitec z60s my gaming headphones my MPIO L100 MP3 my desk lamp,Filing cart,litle bay for my digital camera and my slot machine.(probly not shown)

This picture is condesned so its horrible and my camera was set rong so theres some weird stuff lol

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Rating: 2.84 - Votes: 19

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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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Cyco22.04.2004 05:44
Well is april 21 and i got my new 19 lcd on sunday! it kiks ass

VampNslayer19.04.2004 05:15
Just saw this glass table on e-bay !! same one ? hmm light it up some maybe ?

idk13.04.2004 04:57
nice hehe looks at the same desk he is at lol well that style of desk does have hte modern look i got one for xmas hehe well just to say there 2 pices each side has a max weight of 70 pounds the forth circle has max of 35 pounds o and glass for these things was a poo and a half trust me...

Bobd31419.03.2004 02:30
I saw that desk at staples.. It looks like mine but glass and lil smaller

Cyco19.03.2004 01:59
Haha yea i do sorry for the slurpee cup i was taking pics of my cd coasters for a little ghetto mod lol and my room aint clean lol that blurred object is a garbarge bag i got off my deska nd trhe floor around it lol.
Yea im getting a lcd for my b day but i have to deal wtih the CTR till then its dying anyway so who cares lol. Yea it is bussinessy because this is my multimedia desk wherfe i work from do all my graphics and stuff. And i do get goo suround sound with em lol Their wall-mount ready so im gonna mount them ass soon as i get my lcd

Qballcious18.03.2004 23:48
Do you really get the full surround sound effect with all the satallites placed directly in front of you? :-))

Clean room - too businessy for me but clean. The beige CRT kills the look though - you need a black LCD. nice Windex bottle :-) must use that a lot with a glass top.

moe18.03.2004 16:03
Archoni, samaa mieltä.

Nice desk.
You just couldn't resist to tell that you have a 32inch tv couldn't you.

Archoni18.03.2004 15:02
on totta että office and desk shots on saanut aika suosiollisen vastaan oton, toisaalta luulen että muutaman kuukauden päästä täällä ei näitä kovinpaljoa enää näy..

AzsaZ18.03.2004 12:23
To KLaZaA.....if you see above.....:

Added: 18.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.

KLaZaA18.03.2004 09:16
You got a real nice table there, but hmm... Does it belong in a modgallery????