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Added: 18.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: CrEaTiVe
Country: Spain

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flat screen,gefore fx,neon mouse,neon lights in case,2.1 speakers not much but its a beast!

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Rating: 1.75 - Votes: 24

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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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AdamW10.04.2005 03:38
man your dumb, sub's go on the floor. Against the wall.
i saw the thumbnail in the gallery and thought "man thats a nice ported case"
damn, it was some toss pot with a sub on the desk

infected mushroom04.05.2004 06:22
that doesn;t belong here. dont that sb have to be on the floor, havent u learnt about bass....?

Bugi24.04.2004 12:27
So what? You maybe have a good machine but you didn't do anything!
Where is the MOD here?

Qballcious20.03.2004 08:27

@Japala - I realize this is not the right way to go about giving you feedback and I'm sorry for that, but perhapse you could start a thread in the forum and link to it. I noticed the link you had posted earlier in the "NOTICE" only linked to the Mod Gallery section of the forum not a particular thread. Maybe if you start one called "Mod Gallery Improvment Suggestions" or something like that, people would be more apt to post recommendations and not be distracted by the other threads about modding. If you start one people will post. Love the site. Hope you don't get discouraged. You're doing a good job but we all need to streamline the feedback a little instead of scattering it in here.

Japala .:admin20.03.2004 00:50
Yes, if there are comments missing, they are removed permanently. Don't want to tweak every post by hand so it is easier to just remove some of the worst.

plah... Too bad that people are not ready to comment or give their opinios about the gallery in the forums like I have asked them. Would like to improve this but it is getting more and more difficult because people are not using the proper ways on getting the message through... well, perhaps some day. :)

Qballcious19.03.2004 23:21
Ok now I'm interested since my name appears in a reply post.
@Quentis, It apears that XaserII's comment was erased by admin. What was he suposedly agreeing with me on? Xaser, care to repost? Or if admin feels it is off-topic then don't bother, I'd understand.

Japala .:admin19.03.2004 13:59
AzsaZ and other whiners: When people post mods, you will see mods. When people don't post mods there are no mods to be seen. Simple? It is not my fault and not Metku's fault if people doesn't mod enough for your taste. Perhaps you should mod more and not just whine about other's desks. I'm interested to see what kind of setups others have in their rooms. If you are not, please, don't look at those images. Saves a lot of your time and nerves... and for rest of us too. Desk images are just an addition, not a replacement for mods!

gon19.03.2004 10:03
so .... Nothing here

Quentis19.03.2004 07:22
No XaserII, you dont agree with Qball at all. If I remember correctly, this was Qballs idea.

tazmanxx19.03.2004 04:03
Daa what is this?Ugabooga man JHC

AzsaZ19.03.2004 01:50
I thought Metku was about modding, not a messy desk and cool guys who want to show their cool room an dstuff.....pls, just keep it bij cases and other mods.........

AzsaZ19.03.2004 01:47
Sorry, don't see a good case, only a messy desk......a little 1 from AzsaZ

Qballcious19.03.2004 00:45
Here's a mod idea. Build your PC into that woofer enclosure and build your woofer into your computer case on the floor. heheh That's be ass-backwards. Nice desk guy. I like it. 2/5

Nado18.03.2004 23:40
u r right

Claus-Aqua18.03.2004 23:25
Oh sorry. Maybe it shouldn't. My bad. I just don't see any mods, so I thought it was a office/desk shot.

Claus-Aqua18.03.2004 23:23
This should be in the "Single Mods > Office/Desk" category.