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Added: 19.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Pappa Bear
Country: Denmark

.: All mods by owner...
This is my desk...
theres an 19 inces Fujitsu Siemens flatscreen and 5.1 Ozaki Nukeleo speakers

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Rating: 2.23 - Votes: 26

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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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*anonymous*22.08.2005 15:42
i have a same poster like you...

Interlaced08.04.2005 13:10
It looks nice and tidy i love the look of it.

*anonymous*03.01.2005 02:01
5/5 for the poster=D 1/5 for your room but the girl makes me feel aaigt so it's a 5/5

kevinb18.08.2004 19:57
wow thats an old ass ibm you have.

Lemmingzappa18.08.2004 19:05
Was that poster planted there so we would give you more votes :P ?

CUBE16.05.2004 07:05
i love your poster

Ballemann14.05.2004 21:37
like your poster =) same as mine, nice screen to :)

maykelcj04.04.2004 20:12
I just like the poster!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pappa Bear20.03.2004 12:48
Actually it allways look like this i dont like it messy :)..
and yes it is Zalman 6.1 Headphones ;)

bl1nx0r20.03.2004 03:56
nice headphones, monitor, and poster!

sean020.03.2004 03:21
mmmmm nice 'n' clean

Qballcious19.03.2004 23:31
Are those Zalman 6.1 headphones?
Nice clean desk. 2/5

Jipa19.03.2004 22:41
2/5 'cause that girl on wall :D

dlr6919.03.2004 19:08
I don't think this applies as an mod :) Nice desk though =)

moe19.03.2004 19:00
You've cleaned your desk for the shot!!!!
I personally prefer the messy looking 'style' rather than everything shining and plain.
You've gotta have some cds, components, papers, calculators, comicmagazines, handheld consoles, leds, mobilephone and a modem to feel home. :D

N519.03.2004 18:01
wow, clean and organised one extra point for the poster.

nuudeli19.03.2004 17:31
nice clean desk..

Pappa bear19.03.2004 16:48
hehe i live at home :) with my mom and dad :P

splinter_cell19.03.2004 14:51
clean desk. nice poster im guessing you live alone