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Added: 19.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Jipa
Country: Finland

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This is MY desk. And oh, it really isn't messy at all. Maybe unmessiest part of my room 8) anyway there's 6+1channels of amplifier, 12" spl dynamics under table and so. Two 17" monitors. Better one is Nokia 447Xpro(100Hz). And what else? Computer (under table) is quite noiseless, 2*Adda 80mm fans @5V and 92mm Panaflo@5V in PSU. Nothing special really. But on who's desk really is? :D

Oh there's "Caution Drop 1m!"-text writed with uv-active marker to my mousepad :) I've broke one mouse by dropping it on floor *snif*

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Rating: 2.92 - Votes: 13

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Jipa24.03.2006 19:50
new version is already out. new desk, no sub, new case, etc. Check it out.

amis12.08.2005 13:48
Hyvä subbari sulla ;)

Dude05.08.2005 15:38
Nice desk and speakers. :)

jj lehto15.03.2005 19:13
That desk might look good if you cleaned it up a bit.
the positions of things suck.

Jipa04.10.2004 10:50
"update" I've bought new subwoofer (XLS Car 10") and now I have more comfortable chair :D

Jipa04.07.2004 17:54
Evolius: Yes, Nokia and IBM :) Nokia 447XPro and IBM G74..

*anon* that's 'cause i never clean it :D

*anonymous*08.05.2004 18:21
I LIKE the fact that he didn't clean the desk before taking the pic!

Nice over all layout, but a bit crowded for me. ;) I'll give ya a 4.

Olli17.04.2004 23:06
Oho oot pistäny tänne tämmöse :-P

Evolius25.03.2004 19:33
OMg!!! you have exactly same looking monitors than i have, Nokia and IBM? But I've usually bit cleaner desk :)

Jipa20.03.2004 14:00
sean0: it just fitted there perfectly.. I don't usually need to change cd and i dont need power/reset-buttons. And now i see straight my computers back and i can easily open sidepanel. I think that's best place to computer in this room.

sean020.03.2004 03:24
k why put the case in here ?

hmf, everyone has duel moniters nice desk

Jipa20.03.2004 01:16
Moe: well yeah. I myself keep these desk-"mods" as fugly as anything can be - so i uploaded my own here ;P

moe19.03.2004 23:23
Now that's my kind of a desk.
Maybe some more stuff.