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Added: 19.03.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: creative
Country: Spain

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Well im doing this pics again because they say they cant see my case! and thats its a messy desk !wtf!

gefore fx,flat screen,noen lights, 2.1 speakers, connected to the tv as well

i hope u like it :)i like it mi self!

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Rating: 3.25 - Votes: 24

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*anonymous*25.08.2004 18:34
osiris do u have anypic of ur case? if do send me some plz

osiris26.06.2004 22:40
we have the same case but different in colors! you modded the side panel right? very sleek! :)

Olli17.04.2004 23:06
I like your room :-D

Qballcious25.03.2004 05:04
I have the exact same chair. I agree with gear face, love the color scheme. Wish my room was ths clean :-)

Nado20.03.2004 11:14
yup, nice colors

N520.03.2004 04:27
looks nice

gear face20.03.2004 02:40
dude, your rooms a mess

just kidding

i dig the color scheme :)

LoCo20.03.2004 00:45
LooKS gOOd!