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Added: 20.03.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Kverna
Country: Norway

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Blowhole made by a bass-port.. Don't know what it's called in english..
From a sub-woofer, where the air comes out :P

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Rating: 3.23 - Votes: 13

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Kverna23.03.2004 14:29
It is! i didn't have the energi to cut a new hole, so i just used the old one... well soon i'll put in a 120mm, the I center it!

Gear Face22.03.2004 23:20
Blow hole looks alittle off center.

I find that the bass reflex tubes are good for blow holes, makes a small job of cutting the hole :)

Kverna21.03.2004 15:27
Im doing a little moddin right now!
Making a bigger hole in front for a 120mm fan,
just finished cutting out a hole for my window..
Goint to paint it black and silver/chrome i think.. just have to buy some stuff :)

sean021.03.2004 06:45
paint the case black, it stands out to much

moe20.03.2004 21:20
Man that's fugly.
Could've done that a lot better.