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Added: 22.03.2004
Game Consoles
Owner: statix
Country: United Kingdom

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Well, this is my first ever mod which required me to pickup a soldering iron, I used the guide on this site and i am very proud of it, i found the bright blue led to be very effective, but i think i will use the ultra-bright ones in future (i intend on adding just a led to my other controller plugs)

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Rating: 3.12 - Votes: 26

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*anonymous*06.10.2004 05:04
wow this site is the site that tells you how to do it then go to the mod making part and its in there

i would like to know28.08.2004 19:42
where did you find the site that tells you how to do it ive been wanting to do that for sometime mostly i just want to know how to get inside the plastic casing of the controller input

Mr B27.03.2004 15:14
the reason i posted those is for people who don't have cable extender's etc or spare end's for there controller's. yes i do understand what a mod is, myself im into SMT stuff mainly. so basically what im sayin is,for people who dont want to hack up there own controller's there are ready made converters for both XBOX-PC or PC-XBOX connection, plus have you seen any clear clear cables for the xbox cus i havn't.. anyway in closing to this, nice mod, as im not a pc gamer i have no use for this, but if i was then it would be the top of my list.

statix26.03.2004 03:14
its not really an all that bright led, was like mid-"brightness" if you like that maplin sold, £1.29 or something. like i say its pressed right up against plastic too, or maybe i dont have a big enough resistor in there :/ i dunno, dont really know much about electronics (had to ask the guy at the counter what size resistor i needed for 5v o.O )

splinter_cell25.03.2004 14:50
does mr b not understand the purpose of a mod?

shmike24.03.2004 07:37
Wow then it must be one bright blue LED that's for sure. Good stuff.

Mr B24.03.2004 01:04

factory made converters for xbox to pc or oc to xbox connectors,

See Through aswell hmmmm lots of lighting potential ;)

statix23.03.2004 08:58
thanks for the comments shmike, but there is no hole for the LED :) its just an ultrabright one that is pressed right up against the green plastic casing

Gear Face23.03.2004 04:24
For people in canda and US, I saw the cables (just the quick relase part) at future shop and best buy for around 9.99CDN

doesnt seem like a bad deal to avoid hassels

shmike23.03.2004 04:13
For Qballicious and others interested:

I have done this mod not as a "combi-cable" but put a USB connector on the end of the in-line release cable from the XBOX controller. These in-line release sections can obtained by contacting the XBOX Support Center in your country. If you're lucky enough they'll send one out to you free of charge :)

As a reference (self promotion?) my mod is at:

Back to the main point, statix has done a pretty nice job here. The blue led came out well. Providing a hole for it to shine through was a good idea as I could not get anything close to blue to shine though the dark green plastic.

Qballcious23.03.2004 01:42
I was thinking about making an xbox adaptor with the short quick disconnect cable segment at the end of the XBOX controller cable. I looked around and it seems like the few aftermarket controllers I found didn't use the quick disconnect, only the Microsoft ones used it. I didn't want to pay for two Micro$oft controllers to use only one.

But I agree with you statix, the quick disconnect adaptor mod is the way to go if you are going for a streamlined look. This is a good job too but persue that idea farther. Would like to see it made.

statix23.03.2004 00:01
ive considered finding another quick release cable cutting it up to make the usb one match, i just have to find one first.

Gear Face22.03.2004 23:18
Would be nice if you could find a cable with the same aluminum sheathing like xobx uses.

still, looks nice

moe22.03.2004 16:58
Nice job.
Of course it would look better with a black usb cable but that's not _so_ important.