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Added: 24.03.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Crash007
Country: USA

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well here is my fist mod. i don't want to hear how it is plug and play either, it took a lot of time to make this right. p4 2.8 etc.etc.etc. made the wire casing out of black tubing and sprayed with neon blue and neon red. painted all the connectors, hell painted just about everything. hers are some pics, remember not completly done but i have 3 uv lights to make it glow. first time starting from scratch

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 49

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Xcel11.04.2005 05:47 the molex connectors? If so they turned out very well. Eveything looks fine and creative but the mixture of colors doesn't look that great. A simple 2-color-combination would have been good. Try and also hide the wires instead of showing the loom off, as it will also increase airflow.

Altec07.04.2005 07:00
I have that same Demon case.

Willolark13.08.2004 22:01
Reminds me of a scene from 2010. A lot of thought and time went into this project and pride. This person has a lot of pride in their work and it shows. It's about time people put pride in their work. Great job.

Shug11.06.2004 07:31
Too loud. Get headache looking at it.

TeeSCee02.04.2004 14:42
it's like a snake pit! 4/5

ii29.03.2004 21:45
exellent job, hide the uv lights, paint the psu

sean026.03.2004 09:20
a bit to bright but i like it i like it alot

drinn25.03.2004 18:24
sun is shining.. nice colors :O

sasseli25.03.2004 17:05
nice colors 4/5

Wraith25.03.2004 14:48
Quentis you dont know what your talking about you must not know what or how to mod a case by what your wrote. An axe would help this out? No way this mod is better then most ive seen, and yours probably isnt much to look at anyway so you just jealous of this guys case mod its ok tho. I say great job on the mod and I give it a 5 for unique design and nice wire management also for painting the motherboard cause you dont see that to often on mods.

bambi25.03.2004 04:35
I think it's hot! Very creative and the best one I've seen yet. It doesn't look like a Christmas tree. Love the purple and blue. Do you have a picture of the front?

Crash00725.03.2004 03:51
Ok i get it. I agree and will hide the uv cathodes, but the colors is something i was going for. not the usual cool blue or hot red, thought a mix of colors would be different plus I like it, and yes there is a hole in the bottom of the case. i didn't show the outside because it is a pre-mod case and I really didn't want to hear all the crap about that. My next case is one I am building and it will be a one of a kind, have a sollution to hide almost all of the wires but that is another story. OH QBALL thanks for the nice words.

Quentis25.03.2004 00:55
For once Im going to give a lower mark than Qball. Dont like the exposed cathodes, dont lkie the color scheme. Wouldve been nice to see the outside too. The blue fan in there doesnt seem to do anything, unless you have a hole in the bottom of your case. Just isnt my taste. An axe would do this case some good. 2/5 for the effort.

Qballcious25.03.2004 00:16
This could start a flamewar so I'll be nice.
I can see just how much work went into the case. You exibit obvious talent in wire managment and display good knowledge of space optimization. I like the layout.

We differ in taste on all the colors, lights, grills, and whatnot's...

3/5 for the effort as I know what a 8!tch it can be to clean up all the many wires that somehow make themselves necessary through months/years of modding a case as clean as this.

arm200424.03.2004 18:48
it's like a juish christmastree :S
why so many different colors???
i like the window though...

Archoni24.03.2004 15:28
not bad, just hide those uv cclf:s, they'll hurt your eyes, don't they? i'm not sure how powerful uv cclf:s are but i think they'r powerful enought to destroy your eyes.. and.. i like those colors. 3/5

*anonymous*24.03.2004 15:04
cool, but i think there's too much colours around :D

Sniper24.03.2004 14:01
this is really cool, probably the best one of its kind. take some more pictures a little clearer this time though. great job dude, love the night shot. is this water cooled?