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Added: 24.03.2004
Single case mods
Owner: kilpikon3
Country: Finland

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Well, this is kinda poor but the best a 14-year-old boy could set up. So, it contains a 8cm akasa green led fan, 2 CCLT's and some electrolumminence wire. Sorry 'bout the poor quality pics.

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Rating: 2.57 - Votes: 14

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VeGe-19.10.2004 18:33
Älä masennu palautteesta, täällä on totuttu vaan niin über mageisiin vehkeisiin, ettei perushieno riitä. Hyvä alku modausuralla!

4 pistettä multa. Kaapelit kuntoon, niin sullahan on hieno kotelo!

Nessu07.10.2004 11:46
toi on kyl aika nätti mun mielestä. mistä ostit noi neon putket tai kylmä katodit mitä onkaa?

kilpikon309.05.2004 20:00
-update update-

some wire management done, a Uv -cathode added and so on. Now i'm looking for Uv -reactive wire-management-cable-tube.

Zen07.05.2004 00:12
Im 15 and my case got 10 times less mess!!!
But OK if you clean the mess up :D

Crash00730.03.2004 03:39
I like it except wires everywhere. clean that up and you have a nice mod here. if you leave the cclf the way you have them i would add a blue fan down below to go with the green and blue in the upper half. A little paint inside and this is one sweet machine. Great start and have fun with it. a 3 for now but clean it up and it becomes a 4

kilpikon328.03.2004 15:41
duh, but it's my very first mod :D

moe25.03.2004 22:36
"but the best a 14-year-old boy could set up."
I dont agree.

But its nice.

Qballcious25.03.2004 00:21
Good start.
Just one suggestion - wire managment!!!!!

Archoni24.03.2004 19:31
actually, not bad. just swap the places between blue and green cclf and make some more mods intoit.