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Added: 28.03.2004
Single case mods
Owner: ii
Country: Finland

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Made some more UV-mods to this case. This time also cables from the PSU r UV-reactive. Also changed the black fan of my "fan-card" to UVgreen with round CCFL. (Lit only in last picture cause camera don't like it)

Next i need to change those orange thumbscrews to green. What else i could do? Give me suggestions :)

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 112

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Gregor10.04.2006 18:02
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Leo07.04.2006 19:39
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Willolark13.08.2004 21:55
If it draws you back and back and back again for more looks to look at it again then the case rates more then an average 3 then you have to figure out why it draws you back to look at it again and again. The symatry and simpleness of it is outstanding and not being overstated rates it a 5/5 from me. The case speaks for itself and doesn't leave the viewer overwhelmed with too much visual input. Sometimes less is better then more.

tecco27.05.2004 13:35
Very nice look, good colorplay 5 from me...

Darkness20.04.2004 08:28
Nice look, only suggestion would be to paint ur case, as the outside is way 2 plain compared to the beauty inside ^_^ 5/5

kilpikon317.04.2004 22:07
i dig the uv lights :D thumbs up from me.

Aromus16.04.2004 08:11
Dude thats a badd ass case,good combinations,good IDE cable and i think u kinda got ridge of the UBS at the bottom and The power supply for the pic anwyay anwyay its a 5/5 from me

Crash00713.04.2004 18:57
Dude i keep finding myself coming back to this one. I really love the look. i know i shouldn't vote twice but i am giving you a 5 again. this mod is so sweet. perfect match with colors and looks like you spent some time to get this one right. excellent job

loki_ac200306.04.2004 09:10
not a jaw drooper but it looks good non the less. plus that antec case is a looker. 5/5 from me.

jasrCSU03.04.2004 04:49
looks awesome, where did you get thouse uv reactive tubes? looks a lot better then thouse braided sleeving kits.

beautiful wire management

TeeSCee02.04.2004 14:52
jos haluat lisää vihreetä tonne koteloon ni kato toi linkki

toi on tosi hieno kikka =)

TeeSCee02.04.2004 14:48
that is beautiful 5/5

bl1nx0r01.04.2004 00:41
i forgot. 4/5

Crash00731.03.2004 05:08
ii once again i apologize this discussion happens on your entry. i do like it a lot and hope you do some more work and put it in this forum. But i truly hope you guys aren't talking about my entry. Like ii i put into it what is my preference and for you guys to keep refering to it the way you do i will take offence to it. but i do apologize for saying bad crap for someone else's opinion. so Quentis sorry i said suck my nuts, i meant kiss my butt. LOL just kidding. say what the heck ever you want i saw you entries "real nice" hahaha.

Quentis31.03.2004 01:06
Crash, it would appear to me that youre just as simple minded as I am, you insist that my views are wrong and yours are right. Wouldnt that be thinking only one way? Everyone has a right to an opinion, and I,as everybody else am allowed to share it here. So without any due respect, you may suck MY nuts Crash007.

Qballcious31.03.2004 00:56
I'm gonna have to agree with Quentis on this one. Although I wouldn't go as far as to give 5/5 since UV is still too mainstream to count as a good "mod". You did do a clean job and seem to have some sense of what a proffessionla looking mod entails.

Although I fucking hate UV and neon in cases you did a very nice job of adorning your case. Like Que' said - "I have to give you more credit than the usual loser with UV and all the fruity colors" Probably the heighest I will ever score a UV moded case - 3/5

Liquid Metal30.03.2004 22:07
yep, really nice case dude. I only suggest you to add one other colour, like orange. would look even more beautiful :D.
4 points lad!

Crash00730.03.2004 11:20
ii this is not directed at you at all, love you box and respect you work, but Quentis suck my nuts. everyone has different tastes, too bad you are simple minded and only can see one way, too bad for you.

Quentis30.03.2004 06:19
I have to give you more credit than the usual loser with UV and all the fruity colors. This is neat and I think it looks damn good. 5/5

Crash00729.03.2004 03:39
You most likely did enter it in that category but the admin decides where to put the entries, I know because that is what happen to me too. I love the clean and cymetric look about this. After my next case I am going to get a big case like this. Great job with wire managment and making it look so cool. Love the green. giving you a 5 for it

KlaZaA28.03.2004 15:30
Diffirent colors... 4

Nado28.03.2004 15:07
=/ just having fun with uv... nothing special to me. 2/5

ii28.03.2004 14:09
Yea. That is true. Only the frontpanel of the case can be seen so this is good in this gategory. Does not really matter to me.

Ratman28.03.2004 13:57
SUPERB. probably single mod because u dont posted a pic from de outside beside the small one. But it looks great. perfect mod for me, it would be worth 10 points, but there are only 5, so thats what i have to give you.

ii28.03.2004 13:32
im pretty sure i posted this as case and not single mod.