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Added: 01.04.2004
Single case mods
Owner: leafsfan2k3
Country: Canada

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This is my PC. Its a custom made PC case. The window has been custom made and also the blowhole for more airflow.

Admin's comments/notes:
Is that tin foil? Worried about shorting?

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Rating: 1.6 - Votes: 52

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Solid19.04.2007 15:31
Idiotic! :D

ironsmiter23.02.2006 00:13
Someone's been readying about RF interference.....
Use ducting tape instead. Same shielding effect, better looking. Then, shrinkwrap that stuff. Zap-ouch-fire is not something you want inside your box... shorts are BAD!

woynoff04.02.2005 07:44
:LOL: are you mad? anyway,is this tinfoil from Milka? ;PPPP

-maddog-28.11.2004 11:23
n00b alert

Darco30.09.2004 10:11
that tinfoil setting looks awful, and its impractical

Shug11.06.2004 07:27
Wrap your cables in black, it will then make the other highlights, such as lighting, stand out better. Lighting good though.

dummy22.04.2004 01:19
looks like something out of lost in space
"danger will robinson, danger!"

Nexion19.04.2004 23:41

~Mike~19.04.2004 15:41
That is as UGLY as a mud fence. I don't think the metal will hurt anything. Oh yes they make Chome colored split looms now.

Pretoriano13.04.2004 23:00
nice try....

keep participating

Chrono11.04.2004 19:32
Got suicide intentions?

Pashoo05.04.2004 13:03
I laughed my ass off!!!
5 of 5 for LOL!!!

TeeSCee02.04.2004 14:48
2/5 for being almost as stupid as me =)

Crash00702.04.2004 04:05
Put out the fire, wait not yet but soon. It's nice you want to mod you system dude but take the foil of and use electric tape if you can't afford sheething. I know doing one right cost some money so use an alternative that won't cause you to loose everything. I gave you a 2 for trying but just couldn't go higher man it looks like... well it's not pretty

Qballcious02.04.2004 01:20
One too many pucks to the head eh leafsfan2k3?

-Looks bad.
-Obviously not thought out well at all. Aluminum foil is probably the worst thing you could think of to wrap the wires inside your case with.

HINT: Aluminum is a metal. Metal, although a great insulator of magnetic energy, is also a great conductor of electricity. A compter consists of thousands of electrical currents. Crossing two or more unrelated electrical currents causes the components to fail. Components cost money. Money you saved by using aluminum foil instead of real wire sheething :-)

IDEA: Put real sheething over the aluminum for a cool effect.

1/5 - It's just plain wrong the way it is right now.

=)01.04.2004 22:27
looool...Folia-very good material 4 modding! =P

moe01.04.2004 15:55
Looks like crap and isnt too safe?

Whaddya get?

answer: 1/5

LoCo01.04.2004 13:59
haha thats some funny stuff But

!no safe! 2/5

Quentis01.04.2004 08:38
lmao, joke mod? maybe. 3/5

jharsh01.04.2004 07:46
looks like a fire waiting to happen. Nice idea but not safe. 1/5

AEdwards01.04.2004 07:23
Can't be too smart to wrap things in tinfoil...