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Added: 02.04.2004
Game Consoles
Owner: Scott
Country: USA

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Well i started on the about 2 months ago. I very happy the way it came out, i love the color red. It was going to be a spark blue but i decided that it would give it a nicer look with red. I really don't have any before and after sots of it but this i can tell u about it. Im the 4th owner of this DreamCast. Before i got it, it had grass stanes on it, foot ball stickers all over it, almost looked like a pound a sweat and dirt dug into the controler it self. If any one knows what it's like to take appart a controler it's prety grose when you clean it out. But im very happy with the final project. Plz commment.

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Rating: 3.22 - Votes: 37

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DementuZ24.12.2004 18:49
do you got a LCD in the controller?

3/5 ... i dont like the nostalgic look.

Klooni10.05.2004 22:12
nice, quite retroious coloring... reminds me of NES

PRiMoiCoN28.04.2004 23:16
yea...i dont like painted freind once painted his, and it looked like a little kid toy....i think painted dreamcasts look bad ......i guess it has something to do with the texture of the plastic or something....the color always looks weird

yogoat12.04.2004 06:31
real nice. i like the parts you left grey.

Claus-Aqua04.04.2004 14:33
Sorry, but I think this is just too ugly.

Jaguarking1103.04.2004 11:41
I did a similar thing with my friends dc but with navy blue and the controler was left stock. I do love these consoles. U can pick up a dc for 25bux with a controler now in the US if you can find em.

DarkNephilim03.04.2004 08:05
I love this mod just because it's a dreamcast!!!
Cool colors too.

N503.04.2004 07:19
i'm loving the controller. the origional dc pics from japan showed a red controller and i thought it was so much cooler than the grey it ended up as. overall very nice.

tonic03.04.2004 02:37
yeah, black would look awesome ontop of the grey...

moe02.04.2004 22:01
you raped it!!!!

no no no

it would look nice if all the gray part would be painted.

like the crossbutton and the powerbutton etc.
Black would look cool.