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Added: 10.04.2004
Game Consoles
Owner: Streider
Country: Finland

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Xbox combicable kirkkaalla sinisellä ledillä.
Suuret kiitokset avusta Marskille.
PS. Liittimen avaaminen ei meisselillä oikein tahtonut onnistua, joten tuloksena pari lohjennutta hammasta... =)

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Rating: 3.32 - Votes: 28

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*anonymous*06.12.2004 20:44
Hey cant we all just get along or a bong or whatever

*anonymous*31.05.2004 06:59
i used screwdriver it was easy...

*anonymous*17.04.2004 00:49
i did the same thing. poser

Delta11.04.2004 02:40
Cool. I like those. :)

Streider11.04.2004 00:25
The same story in english: Xbox combicable with bright blue led.
special thanks to Marski for all the help.
PS. Opening the plug wasn't very easy with screwdriver, so the result was a few splitted tooth... =)

Ratman10.04.2004 23:19
I like it, i love all themods on game consoles, but i would like to know some finnish 2. Maybe u could make your story in english to please? i really dont get anything of finnish.

bockie10.04.2004 22:31
nice dude