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Added: 17.04.2004
Full Case
Owner: krich
Country: Canada

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red-faith first mod
3 years ago
now used by my kids

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Rating: 2.83 - Votes: 12

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*anonymous*17.03.2005 20:51
"loki_ac2003 -- how in god's name did u manage to put a window on a hard drive? does it still work? 5/5 just for that!"

okay, dude, did you miss the boat? HDD windows aren't really that new or that hard to do. has had an article on doing just that for months, if not years. for cryin out loud, man, do your research before you act like it's just 'the greatest thing since the invention of the CD drive'

tef28.10.2004 00:23
instead of putting money on the case you might wanna consider to get a new monitor+mouse+keyboard...

petflunky15.06.2004 01:13
LOVE the color !!

*anonymous*21.04.2004 19:23
Why, are you a skater dude? it's just a ragged out case, way too messy dude, even if it's supposed to be :P.
you must surely go on and mod a lot more :).
it's a nice beginning though, so keep up the work!
2 points

krich18.04.2004 20:54
I found modding articles on line
so desided to try it on an old hd
used some silicone i had for repairing fish tanks
it worked and is still working for 2 years ???
bet if i tryed it again it wouldn't.

loki_ac200318.04.2004 10:55
how in god's name did u manage to put a window on a hard drive? does it still work? 5/5 just for that!

Quentis17.04.2004 22:16
Everything looks pretty good. Awesome paintjob. 2/5 for that...external fan (wth) and no 3/4 shot from primary window side