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Added: 19.04.2004
Full Case
Owner: Plague
Country: Denmark

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This is my first CaseMod..
I started out with a Thermal Take XaserII, and yes I know it's premodded. But I have changed so much that I dont think that it can be called premod anymore...

What I have done:
- Painted the case with blue paint that contians mother-of-pearl. (changes color depending on the light)
- Changed all the 80mm fans to UV-fluorescent.
- Made a new front for the display.
- Changed all IDE cables to UV-fluorescent.
- Painted some components with UV-paint.
- Mounted 3 X 30cm UV Cold-katode and 1 X 10cm Purple Cold-katode.
- Mounted a LCD display in the front.
- Feet on the case is changed to some with blue light.
- LED on the motherboard is changed from a green to an UV-LED.
- All the drives are painted blue and silver to match the case.
”Låg” på strømforsyningen er skiftet til blå/UV-aktiv plexiglas.
- Mice and keyboard is painted the same color as the case.

My Hardware:

Motherboard: ASUS P4C800 Deluxe
CPU: Intel P4 2.8Ghz 800FSB @ 3.36Ghz
GFX-card: ATI Radeon 9800XT
Soundcard: Soundblaster Live 5.1 Digital
SATA Controller: Promise FastTrack S150 SX4
with 256MB SD-RAM Cache
Harddisk: 3 X WD 250GB SATA (RAID5)
1 X WD Raptor 36GB SATA
DVD-Recorder: Plextor PX-708A

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 156

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tech-daddy02.03.2006 18:42
Nice job on the set! Might I recommend adjusting your cabling, still looks a bit disorganized, you've sleeved, but might I recommend tucking the clutter behind the drive cage or under/behind the mobo tray?

Your color scheme is cool, it's just the details inside on the cabling that are distracting! Get the clutter wrangled, standardize on your SATA drive cables, or hit them with vinyl dye and color them to your choosing! 4/5

*anonymous*27.02.2005 18:16
very nice !!!!!

DRON16.06.2004 15:56

splinter_cell13.06.2004 18:24
looks good. i like the lcd in the fron panel door

*anonymous*13.06.2004 17:39
They sell those legs in the shop. ;)

kimes13.06.2004 14:34
how you make legs Thermal Take XaserII, , what color ?

Plague09.06.2004 12:32
Just updated my Hardware a bit..
I bought a Adaptec SA1210 Host RAID cont. and atteched 2 X WD Raptor 36GB in RAID0 to it..... :-)

Plague27.05.2004 12:37
Tecco >>
Except the display in the front....
U can't buy a "front-cover" that holds this display...
But like I have written in tekst. It my first.. :-)

Tecco27.05.2004 01:46
Very normal mods i think, the glowing feet are cool though, the ither is stuff u just buy..

Plague29.04.2004 10:04
XaserII >> I dont use the "Asus Probe" because it reports wrong temps... try to use "Mother Board Monitor" that works...

And I have another cooler.. ZALMAN that I have painted with some UV active paint :-)
And the Fancontroller suckz.. But I want to make a new one my self, because I dont like any thats on the market today..

My temps are:
30° IDLE

xaserII28.04.2004 17:46
lol we got the same shit...
p4 3.2 @ 3.5 though
Asus rocks. how do you like the probe?
whats your temps???

xaserII28.04.2004 17:44
kick ass man i love it...
thermaltake fan controller suks though. get coolermaster aerogate.
also change heatsink man...
go with coolermaster...
you get 4/5
fantastic job. im jealous of your display on the door.

Plague26.04.2004 13:08
Arkanis >> fair enough... We all have different taste...

Arkanis25.04.2004 21:33
I don't like that blue paint, but 3/5 for the effort.

Plague21.04.2004 23:38
Liquid Metal >> What don't match ???
And yes there could be done much more, and there is but I dont have pictures of it (but they will come)
example: My CPU cooler has been changed to a Zalman CNPS 7000A-Cu that I have painted with some UV reaktive paint, so when it's daylight it looks almost stock, and when it's dark it is bright yellow like the connectors and stuff on the picture above....

Liquid Metal21.04.2004 19:21
3 points, by the way :P

Liquid Metal21.04.2004 19:21
looks good, look's clean, but it not really is style. all the different things just don't really match with eachother (surely in daylight), plus you could add a lot more stuff, like, for instance, a mirror

Plague20.04.2004 23:56
VampNslayer >> they are from "sharkoon", and I have 3 30cm installed..

Plague20.04.2004 23:54
loki_ac2003,sean0 >> The drives ARE painted. they are painted blue like the case and the part of the drive that slides out and the buttons are painted silver...
(Every thing has been painted, even the fan holders inside the case, they where purple and I've painted them silver)

dummy20.04.2004 20:39
man thats sweet, great job there 5 stars easly.

Diablo20.04.2004 18:09
DUDE for your first mod its totally awsome.
Nice work on the display on the front and the Unreal Tournament fan grill are OWNAGE!
i gave you a 5/5
good luck dude

loki_ac200320.04.2004 16:32
5/5 would have given u 6 if u had painted the drive bay :D

sean020.04.2004 06:45
it looks really nice im a big fan of uv cases
and paint the drive cages the same as the case 4/5

Plague20.04.2004 06:42
Yes I use my left for the mouse (if that's what you mean)

VampNslayer20.04.2004 05:58
What brand UV cathode did you use? I have to 12" and they don't light up s*it !


*anonymous*19.04.2004 23:57
On a Thermal Take case the front door is made of solid aluminium og I have "just" made an new cover for the front door....
(In Danish: Jeg har selv lavet en ny front til lågen, og hvis du vil have tegninger til den skriv lige din mail i en kommentar....)

Quentis19.04.2004 22:19
Wonderful LCD on the door. 3/5

Apocalypse^^19.04.2004 21:05
nice but i don't like color BtW are you left handy?

Toften19.04.2004 18:08
Nice mester...

I luv u'r UV, but pic 1# seems to have sum wiremess. but the UV hides that away nicely :D

what ever u did to the front door thingy, Me likey!
once again. i loooove u'r UV :D

men lige lidt kritik de andre (måske) ik forstår. dine casefeets, lav dem selv, så ser de også meget pænere ud. har en guide... men fedt mod af et premoddet kabinet. GODT MESTER! 4/5 :o)

Nado19.04.2004 16:39
hmm, not bad... i still don't like some things, but u get 4 points cuz i think u put much effort into it.