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Added: 19.04.2004
Game Consoles
Owner: SickSkater6911(TROG_DOR)
Country: USA

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took like 10 min to wire it all 2gether:

Supplies list:
Lazer LED
Foam tape
bulk wire
hot wired PSU

i used a rubber foot(typically used for like bottoms of cases and such, and poked the switch thro so it would be like a ring to hold teh switch where i needed it

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Rating: 3.19 - Votes: 21

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traviling monkey28.05.2004 06:20
.......why ps2?

Darkness20.04.2004 05:29
very nice looking, blue is a gr8 color, but i dont really like the look of the button 4/5

Quentis19.04.2004 22:22
Looks good. 3/5, really adds something to the PS2

M19.04.2004 20:41
Cool mod! Seems to look pretty good in the light too! :) 4/5

DAmn19.04.2004 15:06
Finally someone did a PS2 mod :D but that isnt cool! :( 3/5