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Added: 22.04.2004
Single case mods
Owner: bockie
Country: Belgium

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just got my black&decker en started cuttin, also one neon light but i have to clean up the cables

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 75

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tech-daddy02.03.2006 18:33
Decent cable management (it is out of the way) but the wires are still multicolored and exposed... the front switches don't seem to go with the mod. Cant tell if this is stock paint (looks like it).

Decent/good intro mod, still needs some touch up on the details, and this will be a strong mod. 3/5

Darkness28.04.2004 05:52
very sexy window ;)nice and clean, gotta love the blue, i don't really like how u have ur switches above ur CD drives... 4/5

-P@PR_l0w3r$-.be27.04.2004 17:49
This is hot:p

loki_ac200327.04.2004 09:14
love what the cclf does to the floppy. 4/5

bockie23.04.2004 18:21
the ccfl is from coolermaster and thnx for the comments

ToNic22.04.2004 23:50
Great blue color. What cathode is that? Beautiful cutting. Good job. Simple but looks totally kickass. 4/5

Quentis22.04.2004 23:40
And there was a time where Quentis agrees with Epeli. Nice looking window, i love your case.

KlaZaA22.04.2004 22:41
Mean and Clean :)

Epeli22.04.2004 19:41
and there was a time that people didnt judge other peoples creations if they self didnt know how to built nice looking case

Epeli22.04.2004 19:39
nice!! not too colorful!! does`nt look like a damn spaceship and kind of "desing" case :D 5/5

Ratman22.04.2004 19:38
There was once a time that people still made some really mods......