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Added: 27.04.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Miklen
Country: Sweden

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Well.. I thought my computer was a little bit dark so I decided to add som neon.. but that's not what this is about... My cpu was a bit hot.. about 60C.. So i thought of this idea.. a very own airsupply, the basic idea is that the cpu fan uses cooler air from outside the case and it helps, after the mod my cpu has an average temp of 50C.If you need more instructions and tips contact me on ICQ# 95739565 or mail.

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Rating: 3.3 - Votes: 27

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Glugolian16.08.2004 16:42
I have doubt about that mod. I tried once to do the same (with 20 cm tube of waccum cleaner, just for test) and it was to much noise. Airflow is less then before and diference betwen temperature of air outside and inside the case couldnt cover the lower air flow. I tried to lower the noise but without success

false-hopes06.07.2004 17:53
My P4 Machine is about 67 degrees on average, gets to around 73 if I'm watching a movie or something with a lot of scaling and processor usage. (its 2.8ghz)

My AMD Athlon XP Barton @ 3000+ runs on average at 39 degrees, and i've seen it get to 50, but rarely.

primula-zy02.07.2004 11:56
p4 can reach up to 70c (o/c)
usually below 60c

depending on the weather

Kalvin04.05.2004 04:45
Nice hose ! Does it really work? Why not...

Ed|HunTer02.05.2004 19:07
basic cpu ducting mut with a little weird solution nevertheless if it works it's kewl 3/5 and by the way my P4 is at 53-54 °c average tho it has a 700 mhz OC on it 2.8 pIV at 3.5 ghz

xaserII28.04.2004 17:40
its gotta be athlon
pentium doesnt get that hot. even overclocked it gets around 45 tops. should have gone with p4.

loki_ac200328.04.2004 08:00
the air duct looks kick-ass 4/5 untill i see more modding but u sure are on the right path :D

Quentis-New Qball27.04.2004 23:32
Very innovative mod, Ive (Qball) have done one of these ducting mods myself. Looks pretty good considering other ducts Ive seen. I would recommend a larger fan as well. 3/5, Keep working

Ratman27.04.2004 17:53
What kind of cpu is it? 50 C is still a lot! But i like it. And i have to agree with Nado.

Nado27.04.2004 14:04
good, but take the air from a lower position, it's cooler there. and use a bigger fan, minimum 80mm!