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Added: 28.04.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: MushroomMan
Country: Finland

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Here is my second one. Painted the Motherboard and graphics card. Also painted the fan of the CPU-cooler to match. Motherboard and PSU will be orange and all other things will be green.

More to come.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 164

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Deegaa09.04.2006 00:55
Do it Works?

Kaupan-Setš31.01.2005 19:37
Mutta noitahan saa suoraan kaupasta..
eikä tuossa mitään ihmeellistä ole..
Mutta no hyvä idea 4/5

Adamw21.11.2004 09:36
he use's a blacklight (UV) you retard

Mg17.07.2004 17:29
Looks very freaky! What paint did u use and how does it glow like that!? Good work! 4/5

DeepPhreeze28.05.2004 04:45
Hmmm LSD trip captured on film?

if i was 14 years22.05.2004 21:22
i would lik it..


drinn14.05.2004 16:36
It's coming psychedelic case mod.. I guess that your favourite music artist is Infected Mushroom? ;)

np: Infected Mushroom - Never Never Land

nigga jones10.05.2004 04:33
no way that works....u had to of fryed the shizzat out of that

jharsh05.05.2004 10:16
nice! Although I agree with Quentis. Work on the details. Even at that I still think it's a 4/5 mod.

MushroomMan03.05.2004 23:41
i painted those with spray paint. First i isolated all heating parts and connectors with tape. Then i sprayed 2 layers of primer and then 3 layers of paint. I was a bit scared to do this even tough this is not my primary computer. Motherboard and graphics card still work after this treatment. At the moment i wonder if i should paint memory modules too or not.

DeadTeddy03.05.2004 02:06
5, just cause you have the balls to paint a mobo and GFX card :)

Links_Hotwire02.05.2004 21:32
wow! *puts on sun glasses* that is definatley eye catching and looks very nice. nice neat painting. hmmmmmm. 4.55 since you don't get half i give ya 55......nice job

aaaw02.05.2004 17:57
Toimiiko ihan kunnolla? Roiskitko maalia tohon emolle vaan suoraan vai peititkö jotain kohtia?

Toften02.05.2004 02:09
OMG! what did u paint that with!?
it looks very nice :D 4/5

Yonchi01.05.2004 20:45
ill give you just 5/5 for the gutt's to do that=P
ho yea BTW it look's awosem !!

DAmn29.04.2004 19:42
mistä ostit UV ledit tai valon? lait linkki! tai laittakaa muutki!

Nado29.04.2004 14:12
i think that's pretty exagerated. like quentis said, painting details would have been better. but anyways, it's pretty nice. and think about the tinted window!

sean029.04.2004 09:04
man your gunna need to tint your window, hey thats not a bad idea! its gunna be so bright wen its done

Darkness29.04.2004 06:28
looking good, cant wait to see the whole comp when ur finished, keep up the good work 4/5

Quentis29.04.2004 02:27
Should work on the smaller details, maybe go over the smaller traces and the capacitators with a paint market or something. But it looks pretty good. Im looking forward for the finished case, youre the same guy who made the reactive psu right? 3/5