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Added: 29.04.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Ballemann
Country: Norway

.: All mods by owner...
the desk and the bed is sticking on to the wall... And my computer projekt in wood :)

Admin's comments/notes:
Blurry image but the project is quite visible. Perhaps you can submit images from it when you have access to better quality camera? :)

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.04 - Votes: 28

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Dude04.09.2005 18:17
LoL :D Damn nice picture quality! :D

Ballemann10.05.2004 17:47
thanks, i warms a modders heart to hear that :D

N506.05.2004 07:57
if i squint it looks great :) a nice little corner by a window to work/goof off. 4

Ballemann02.05.2004 18:21
yeah i know, the chair is great, but expensive :( i paid 800kr for it, in U.S.A that would be 100$

AK01.05.2004 23:11
I have exactly a same looking chair :)
I love it, very nice to sit etc... :)

Ballemann01.05.2004 12:09
sorry about the pic, the picture was taken with a mobilphone :(

Darkness30.04.2004 08:36
besides the quality of the picture i like the set up... im guessing that "thing" ur TV is on is a comp with a wooden tower?? if so it goes great with the other wooden tables for ur monitor then ur laptop... 4/5

Ratman29.04.2004 22:31
Sorry but WTF is that? cant get anything from your desk, its probable very nice but i cant see any Sh**.