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Added: 01.05.2004
Full Case
Owner: Vortex
Country: Netherlands
WWW: http://none yet

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As u can see in the 'setup' pic I have my 2 screens in the middle, but I wanted to see the inside of the left puter aswell, so I had to reverse the inside of it.

result is the mobo on the left side of the case.
Case is a Aopen H600B, wich I cut up and welded back together. (welding was a bit crappy cuz I lost some material in the cutting leaving quite big gaps.

added 2 windows in wich I've cut a pic and added some leds..
replaced the power led with a blue 1, and added some switches for the lights and fans.
Fans now work at 5 or 12 volts.
I know the cables are a mess, but I wanted it that way, my other case is a tidy 1, and this is the messy 1 :)
took about 40 work hours and 6 weeks altogether cuz of a lack of time and other stuff to sort.

site with all the info and pics coming soon, (I hope).

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 2.49 - Votes: 35

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filu28.10.2004 20:36
:O 5/5...You are the hardworking type...and ppl can just watcj the results:) I like that!

Rammstein09.06.2004 23:04
Put lots of work into the case, welding it and all, but overall excellent job 4/5

pom05.05.2004 22:52
and outside in dark

pom05.05.2004 22:51
looks good from inside. 4/5

Vortex03.05.2004 14:26
lol rekk,
the board is upside down.. cpu is on the bottom and pci slots are on top..

colors... well yeh,

Darkness03.05.2004 09:26
yeah, i forgot to read everything b4 i looked at pics... thats awesome tho, its like normal PCs are right handed and u made a left handed one ;) 5/5

Quentis03.05.2004 05:56
It looks pretty good, the BTX form factor is supposed to be reversed as well. The cards look pretty good this way as well. The case looks great in the dark, but not so much in the light. 3/5

Nado02.05.2004 22:59
rekk, read the story.
really nice case, although i hate ur color change for the wires, i give u 4 pts.

rekk02.05.2004 22:42
I am confused, your parts look like they dont belong where they are. your motherboard is like upside down and your side panel is on the wrong side in accordance with the front.