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Added: 09.05.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Sargentmajor
Country: USA

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Trying to find all the parts to put togeather a new system but for some
reason i cannot find everything you do not think
that my work space is a mess do you?

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Rating: 3.2 - Votes: 20

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Interlaced08.04.2005 13:04
Go the hardware.

Allen02.12.2004 07:18
Can your desk get any messier? Looks like a cyclone hit it!

Takuya05.11.2004 14:24
Looks like a tornado just run trough youre room....

Delucard16.09.2004 18:56
yesyes! that is just like my room. the messyer tha better. everyhin has to be in range of the hand=floor/tables

bockie08.07.2004 14:52
spotted a poor man here!

Jeff04.06.2004 04:29
Looks liek my room....

*anonymous*17.05.2004 05:16
Ok, if everything is so dirty , why is that white plastic so clean ? you hide something when you took the picture ? hmmm. I used a rubbermaid container just like that to hold my human ear collection ! And I have a toolbox just like that to carry my Ear collecting tools and Either !

*anonymous*11.05.2004 09:45
have u got rats yet?, plz get a duster out, thats not good

Gear Face10.05.2004 19:18
Its Still Cleaner that my work space.

look it up.. i forgot what number it was.

ballemann10.05.2004 17:49
NIIICE, yust like my dads garage :D

sean010.05.2004 08:58
is that your garage

Kcin10.05.2004 00:15
Where's your mouse?

Nado09.05.2004 23:50