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Added: 14.05.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: 2Fast4You - Kim
Country: Denmark

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This is make first room mod. it's runing on 230 V - it's 2 CC tubes with a 230AC - 12DC adaptor.
It's placed behind my computer and under my tabel......

The pic. has been taken by my digital cam with the blitz on....
it's much more cooler when it's dark.

I'm waiting for some respons... :)

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Rating: 2.13 - Votes: 15

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Nicki01.12.2005 22:21

What a cool mod. But there did you buy the adapter?

Bye from another danish citizen ;)
P.S I own a desk just like yours :P

ZoneX19.10.2004 17:26
hello where buy you your the 230 V taubes with 12dc adaptor?

Breaker28.08.2004 11:06

|-|ard//ired09.06.2004 03:14
Stop Dissing you noobs

Andt25.05.2004 13:16
2fast4you: try doing what unliving suggested and put the light between the keyboard tray and the desk surface. It will also then serve a useful purpose (lighting up keyboard).

jZ22.05.2004 19:12
It will remain a mystery until I reveal the project I'm working on.

2fast4you17.05.2004 17:48
I know it look badly. but i realy don't know where I shall put the cc so It give a coller effeckt? you guys are welcome too give me some ideas.... :)

jZ: which idea did I gave you??

jZ17.05.2004 12:21
*Gave me an idea... sorry

jZ17.05.2004 12:20
It's not cool but it gave me and idea for my future project, thanks!

Quentis- New Qball16.05.2004 16:45
wow. 1/5

Ratman16.05.2004 12:42
Boring...... nothing special, try to make a mod next time.

unliving15.05.2004 23:10
real weak! Wouldnt be cooler to put the cc on the sliding keyboard table to iluminate and possibly make the keyboard glow !!?

*anonymous*15.05.2004 19:56