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Added: 19.05.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: Ed|HunTer
Country: Hungary

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Okay just a simple mod if you can call it that.

I was changing the heatsink on my NB to a fanless one when i noticed that my main noise problem is actually my vga cooler. So i proceeded with the NB installation and plotted my devious plan against the old VGA cooler. First prob was removing it (later turned out it was affixed with epoxy that's all about the heat transfer...) so a friend in one of the pc shops "removed" it (screwdriver trick :D ). i went home sanded the heatsink and took off all the epoxy remains i could from the chip without damaging it. put a little thermal paste and then came my problem how the fck do i affix the new heatsink? (which is actually my earlier used NB heatsink with the fan :D) so i attached it with wire couplers which i put thru the agp notch :D this is where it turned to kinda ghetto :) put in the vidcard connected the fan to the nb fan header and i lowered it's RPM with speedfan. works like a charm :)

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Rating: 3.37 - Votes: 30

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Jipa02.05.2006 21:16
What's that card? I found one but don't know what it actually is? :D Rage fury ultimate 2000 megaleet pro?

Adam04.10.2005 23:36
i like how you called them wire couplers. If i called them that instead of 'zip/wire-ties' i would have so many people confused at me.

gilliam22.07.2004 04:34
i did the same to my first generation all-in-wonder radeon, the fan started sounding nasty one night and i thought i had a hdd head crash(never had one so didnt know what it would sound like). i think i have a vantec iceberQ aluminum cooler on it now.
i gave it up to my little bro since i wanted a newer radeon but couldnt afford another AIW one.

mq28.05.2004 12:15
oo my god you put on a heatsink and a fan!! damn man your 1337.

nugge21.05.2004 18:05
LEEETZORZ u know how to change a vga chip hs OMFG!

Haha21.05.2004 00:50
wow? you changed the heatsink and fan? tumbs up for you ;)

1 / 5

Ed|HunTer20.05.2004 23:14
if you look at the last pics you can see that there's a much larger heatsink on it then was before
haven't really tried oc-ing it i just wanted it to stop it's annoying sound.
it's a rather old card so not much point in doing some heavy cooling mods on it
it's from the first radeon series :D

?20.05.2004 10:46
ok, you only chenged the fan?


Quentis-New Qball19.05.2004 23:54
Looks good, probably works good. 2/5

Bugi19.05.2004 20:35
I have done it a few years before.
Well, my vga card hadn't had a cooler.

gibb3h19.05.2004 14:19
you could always use some thermal epoxy you know ;)

Toften19.05.2004 13:34
can u OC the card better now???