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Added: 19.05.2004
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: Milk Dud
Country: USA

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I got bored while in physics class so I got a hold of an exacto knife and cut me a hole in my 3ring binder and my friends joked around that I should stick plexi glass in the hole, put a picture, and stick an LED on it. So, I put tape on, drew a picture, and stuck an LED to a 9 volt battery (b.t.w. it is true what they say about sticking too much volts into an LED mine got really hot)and we have a "mod"

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Pale03.09.2004 18:28
Well, i just had one of these. I cutted a little window and I placed a piece of cd-cover. I scratched the window to be foggy, then i placed some sunny-bright leds and my name on the window, voila! It was good, but a little messy from inside.

Nevah15.06.2004 15:00
Ugly !

rety22.05.2004 04:12
Take a look here before u make any more LED mods:

Dannyboy20.05.2004 03:08
Nice binder man! TRUE ARTWORK! I believe this could be a new trend, modding school folders! Nice! I will start working on mine and then we can start our own trend : P

Weirdo20.05.2004 01:51
ITS AWESOME but I think you ahould add another.

Mild Dud20.05.2004 01:47
All I could find around the house was the 9v. Eventually it blew the led but oh well

Quentis-New Qball19.05.2004 23:27
Well, a typical led takes 2-3 volts. 9v is overkill.