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Added: 23.05.2004
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: ii
Country: Finland

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Here is my little helper. i got the idea from here:

Brightness of his mind can be adjusted. He is very friendly and helpfull. He know electronics well.

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Mattoní02.02.2010 19:38
"Brightness of his mind can be adjusted" haha :D

chr20.09.2005 16:45
Haha, That's great :D
cool to see others making resistor men after my initial post.
Nice work with the brightness of his mind as you call it :-)

Acolyte02.12.2004 02:07
OMG :D That is the best mod I've seen in ages :) Great stuff and it makes you smile :)

Yoshi02.09.2004 23:37
Haa!! LOL
its verry funny :D 5/5

chhr08.08.2004 15:52
I want him! He's so cool. I have to make such one.

-L25.05.2004 23:37

dj eye con24.05.2004 09:25
woah... awesome

Quentis23.05.2004 20:14
Haha, he looks so happy and jolly.

Ratman23.05.2004 19:41
This is great, its kinda u only see it in movies or in dreams! Sow dreams become truth! sorry for my english, it S*cks

moe23.05.2004 13:54
My friend made the same thing but didn't post it here :D

TeeSCee23.05.2004 13:17
hauska ja hieno 5/5